10 Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Russian Women

10 Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Russian Women

Life is a lot better with some love in it. It feels incredibly magical to date someone outside your home country. It would be like living the fantasy

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Life is a lot better with some love in it. It feels incredibly magical to date someone outside your home country. It would be like living the fantasy — that dream of meeting someone in an extraordinary land and falling madly in love.


If you’re dating a Russian woman and ready to live that fantasy, this article should be your go-to buddy. We wrote a few pointers about Russian women’s shared qualities so that you can grasp their dating customs and traditions. We also rounded up the ultimate dos and don’ts in dating a Russian gal to ease your way through her heart.

Shared Qualities of Russian Women

Dating someone from a different country is thrilling and challenging all at once. For the most part, that is because you do not share the same culture and traditions. Wondering how to act better could be fun and novel for you both, but it could also cause fights easily.


To take this trouble out of the picture, we gathered for you the common qualities Russian women share.

1. Russian women are traditionalists

Russian women want to be treated with the same respect and confidence men get. They believe in equality and fairness. However, at their core, they still crave protection and security from their partners.


Becoming better at one’s career is vital in a Russian woman’s life. But they also want to be a submissive wife. Although their professions are important, they are willing to give them up when their family needs them to stay at home full time.

2. Russian women are resilient

Russia has gone through a lot, and this only made the locals in the country stronger. Their sad past is a testament to that.


The Russian economy’s vulnerability and harsh ruling during the Soviet times made them more resilient and open to changes. No matter the new sanctions their government implements, they quickly adapt.

3. Russian women are straightforward

Doing small talk or smiling toward a stranger is rude in Russia. They rarely offer pleasantries, especially in public. Instead, they go straight to the point.


Russians do not like chatting about the weather, too. They prefer talking about meaningful life matters that challenge the mind.

The Dos and Don’ts When Dating a Russian

Dos in Dating a Russian Lady

1. Be romantic

Russian women prefer a courteous man that can sweep them off their feet with romantic gestures.


Hence, walk outside the street so she’s safe from any harmful elements. Open also the door for her and help her take her coat off. Moreover, pull up the chair for her and pay the bill at the end of the date.

2. Take the lead

There are a lot of traditional women in Russia. Most Russian ladies still follow the old dating practice where men approach women. Often, they wait for a man to lay the groundwork. 


So if you want your relationship to progress, take the lead. Be bold and respectful all at once. Offer to do things for your date, but try to ask for their opinion on a matter first.

3. Come bearing gifts

Gift-giving is a national tradition in Russia. Everyone brings any present for the host, even when it’s a small family gathering or a grand birthday party. 


As such, not bringing any present is considered rude. It’s frowned upon in Russia. Your gift doesn’t even have to be fancy. It could be anything, as long as they are meaningful.

4. Bond with her family

Family is essential in Russia. They value everyone’s presence in their lives and opinions on important issues — be it in love or career. As their date, nothing will make a Russian girl happy than seeing you bond with her family.

Take time to be present at family gatherings and important events. Most importantly, respect her parents.

5. Have an open mind

Cultural and traditional clashes arise in an interethnic relationship. It’s a source of argument that most couples in this situation share.


Having an open mind and an understanding heart is an excellent way to keep the relationship sound and healthy. As a tip, respect your Russian date’s seemingly weird habits and don’t make fun of her viewpoints.

Don’ts in Dating a Russian Lady

1. Don’t spur out nonsensical things

While Western women like to make small talk at first, Russian women don’t. Generally, Russians are serious people. They don’t enjoy fluffy conversations that may not help in making the relationship enjoyable or take it to another level.


If you want to connect with your Russian date more profoundly, talk about existential topics like the importance of choice or social criticism. Never risk painting a lousy impression by talking about the weather or their outfit.

2. Don’t go overboard with theatrics

Russians like to maintain a tough exterior and wish to keep it that way. Most locals in the country even try to build a gap between themselves and the others. Of course, this is traceable to the Soviet time when people needed to be cautious of who to let in on their lives.


Your excessive display of emotions may be the total opposite of your date’s closed-off behavior. If you can, try to tone down the theatrics by being sensitive to their uptight personality. Extend your patience and help them feel comfortable around you. 


Nonetheless, your Russian date’s behavior won’t last long, especially if you show her the fun and enjoyable side of life.

3. Don’t being stingy

Sharing of resources or giving gifts is part of the Russians’ love language. They will share anything they have to make the recipient feel great.


When dating your ideal Russian lady, be generous and avoid making money an issue. Always offer to pay for dinner despite the length or steadiness of your relationship. Make her fall hard by showing your generous side.

4. Don’t treat her anything less

Russian ladies have a preconceived notion about men from the West. Often, women from the country do not like having a relationship with foreign guys as they hate their condescending personalities. They hate foreign men treating them like they are simply looking for greener pastures.

Russian women no longer look for foreign princes, compared to when Soviet rule was at its peak. They don’t see guys outside of Russia with colored glasses anymore. They now crave emotional attachment and romance, and they’d love it if you treat them the way they deserve it.

5. Don’t disrespect their beliefs

Like any nationality, Russians have their fair share of weirdness. However, dating a Russian local doesn’t give you the pass to offer judgment or make fun of it. You wouldn’t only offend your date, but you would also risk attaining your dream inter-ethnic romance.

How to Meet a Russian Lady

Making the ultimate fantasy happen has never been easy. And the pandemic has made these chances even worse. Thankfully, online dating apps and sites can help find our date-searching woes.


Setting up an online dating account online is pretty straightforward. You can either manually register or connect it with an existing email or social media account. With just a few online touch-ups on your profile, you are ready to go swiping left or right.

Love genuinely and enjoy the journey!

Dating a Russian lady is never easy. Besides the cultural differences, keeping a long-distance relationship work is also a struggle.


However, if you feel like your date is worth all the effort, then fight for her. Extend your patience and increase your understanding.


Good luck with your cross-border relationship!