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Coke and Popcorn was a perfect site for all movie lovers. However, the government has banned it, which has created chaos in the minds of people! Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as there are many other exclusive sites that have HD quality content and all the latest content!

A shoutout for all the Movie buffs out there! Bring up your coke and popcorn and get ready to stream all your amazing entertainment content via these top movie platforms.

Check out these fantastic platforms like coke and popcorn that have been proving their potential in the best way!

 31 Sites Like Coke And Popcorn That Are a Must In 2020

1. SolarMovie

There are many sites like coke and popcorn, but not all of them are equally efficient as the official site itself. However, Solar movie is one such alternative to the famous platform that you must try.

Solarmovie site is absolutely free and offers a huge collection of movies as well as TV series that will help you to be entertained all the time whenever you want. However, the advertisements on this website can be annoying sometimes, and popups may occur while you are watching the video.

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2. PutLocker

Another great alternative of coke and popcorn is the putlocker website. This website has numerous genres of movies and series, but it also offers alternative links if a movie fails to play or an error occurs.

This site is also absolutely free, and the number of ads that pop up on the screen on this website are also limited, and you will not have to face annoyance trouble because of them.

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3. Mangastream

Mangastream is just like the best streaming sites, like coke and popcorn. This website is great in terms of movies and series, but it also has a great collection of anime and manga. Its app version is also available for an even better experience.

You can also read manga on this platform, and everything is absolutely free. Moreover, the popup ads are also limited, so you do not have to worry about them as well. The streaming quality is also available in HD as well as 360p. If you are an anime fan, then this website is a must for you.

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4. KissCartoon

Don’t judge based on its name as kisscartoon website is a grade platform not only for anime and cartoons but also for movies and TV or web series.

Kisscartoon is a free platform for online streaming with super easy navigations. However, the popup ads may run for a minute or two and can get on the nerve sometimes. Other than that, this platform is great for streaming as well as downloading, which makes KissCartoon a perfect alternative for cokeandpopcorn.

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5. Watch Series

The watch series is famous as the most loved platform and a great alternative for cokeandpopcorn. This website is not only rich in movies and series but also biographies and documentaries.

Everything on this website is available for free, and you do not have to go through any kind of registrations or sign up requirements. The interface of this website is also super easy, and you will never face troubles in finding something that you would like to stream on this website.

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The name of this website in itself creams that it is time to lay back on the couch and enjoy your movie time. Couchtuner is the ideal alternative for coke and popcorn movies not only because of its huge variety of genres and collections of movies and TV series but also because of its very simple user-friendly interface.

Moreover, there are a lesser number of ads on this website, and the site is also very smooth in function. The website has a pretty good collection for the old classics. The best part is that this site is also totally free and does not require any registration or sign up.

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7. FMovies

Another coke and popcorn alternative is Fmovies. Fmovies has the most straightforward and easy interface as this website only displays the search bar on the homepage. However, you can go through the filter and change the setting according to your wish.

Another thing that makes a Fmovies a perfect alternative for coke and popcorn movies is its numerous collection of TV series as well as films. From the latest releases to the old classic, everything is available on this platform, and that too for free.

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8. Cmovies

Cmovies is one great website that offers a lot of films and TV shows for free such as five feet apart, friends, the vampire diaries, Titanic, Stranger things, the big bang theory, and so on.

The interface is also pretty easy and user friendly. However, this site has one demerit, which is that every time you select something to watch, this website redirects you to another link. It sometimes gets complicated because of the presence of additional pop up ads.

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9. PrimeWire

Primewire is the well-known and best online streaming websites that we have ever encountered. This website has the minimum number of ads, which is almost zero, and the video playback is also very smooth.

Moreover, the interface is also very straightforward and easy, and the collection of movies and series is also pretty wide on this website.

However, the only reason this is not in the first place is that you can stream with only 360p quality for free and to play a video with HD quality, you will have to go for a paid premium version. Other than that, this platform is great for binge-watching.

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10. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another good alternative for coke and popcornThis website is very popular with millions of users and also releases its original series.

The interface is also very simple and straightforward and categories such as trending and popular or also given on this website. This website is also free, and no necessary sign up is required. You can find the latest movie of 2020 or the old classics of the 70’s on this platform easily.

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11. Hulu

Another very popular and widely used website is Hulu. This website is very rich in terms of its movies and series collection. Moreover, you can find content in more than one language.

From Asian Dramas to American sitcoms, everything and every genre is available on this website. The interface is also very simple yet fancy looking, and there are absolutely no ads as this website is a paid one. However, you can opt for a one month trial for free, and after that, you have to pay.

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12. Popcorn Time

Another very popular recommendation on this list is popcorn time. Popcorn time is suggested as an alternative for coke and popcorn movies because of not only its wide array of movies but also its interface.

Using popcorn time is very easy and smooth as there are limited pop-ups. For the best experience, you also have the option of downloading its app as the application allows the user to download and watch later, but the website does not.

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13. 123 Movies

123 movies, also known as GoMovies or GoStream, is an extremely popular online streaming website with millions of monthly users worldwide.

This website operates from Vietnam and allows its worldwide users’ free access to movies and series in various different languages. However, this website was once accused of stealing the users’ data, but nothing was proved, and many users still use this website safely.

This website is also free and overall, is a great option for a movie night.

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14. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is among the topmost known and popular video streaming websites, as well as applications.

It offers a wide range and variety of movie shows and TV series and cartoons, biographies, documentaries, and whatnot. The interface of this website is also excellent, and there are no ads as this is a paid platform.

However, a one-month free trial is available. Amazon Prime also has its original series and productions that are a huge hit globally. Moreover, you also get access to Amazon music once you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

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15. Netflix

As a chief competitor for movies and series in the market, Netflix is ruling the internet. Netflix has its own brand name and is known by almost everyone globally. Owing to the fantastic original shows of Netflix like Stranger things, Sex Education, To all the boys I have loved before, Dark, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it is an ideal platform.

Since Netflix is a paid platform, there are absolutely no advertisements, and the user interface is excellent as well. A free trial for this platform is also available.

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16. Los Movies

Believe it or not, but Los movies have more than 100 million users, which makes it a perfect alternative for coke and popcorn movies.

The reason why so many people are attracted to this website is because of its large and wide collection of movies and series. Also, it has a simple user interface and the availability of subtitles in many languages. Streaming in HD is also possible with this website.

The only thing that is not so good about this website is the numerous pop-up ads that just don’t seem to leave you alone.

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17. Movie Times

It is always a movie’s time on the platform of movie times. It is because of the awesome collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on this platform. And not just for Hollywood and Bollywood, but many other famous movies and series from other languages are also available on this website.

This website also has its application that you can download for an even better experience, and everything available on it is for free. Furthermore, this website is the quickest to release the latest movies and shows, though the quality sometimes may not be good in the beginning.

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18. Mega Share

Megashare is another fantastic website and alternative for coke and popcornMegashare is a free website with a simple user interface that allows the users to go through several different varieties and genres of movies.

This website also provides a description that helps in getting a little bit inside regarding the movie or series. However, the collection of movies and series on this website is not really brand new, but that does not mean that it’s not good.

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19. Vudu

Vudu is a platform for video streaming that has got some amazing collections of movies and series, including science-fiction, animation, biographies, documentaries, horror-comedies, and so on.

Vudu has a wide range of the latest movies as well as old classmates, but you cannot watch it for free. Vudu allows its users to either buy or rent a movie for some time. It is a good option if you absolutely don’t want to tolerate any ads, and the rental option is pretty cheap.

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20. AZ movies

The name of AZ movies in itself drops a hint that every type of movie and series are available on this website, making it a perfect alternative for coke and popcorn movies

This website is completely free, and the number of ads is also limited. The interface is also pretty simple but fancy, which may make one wonder how come such a pretty looking website is free. Furthermore, the streaming quality is also fantastic, with options of streaming in 360p as well as 1080p available.

In conclusion, this website is also a perfect one when you are in a mood to chill and entertain yourself with movies or series.

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21. Tubi

Tubi is another competitor offering video streaming online for free. It is a very popular website with more than a thousand visitors every month. Ratings and reviews are also available, and these factors are very helpful in deciding what to watch.

This website provides access to numerous movies and TV series for free, and since it is free, the number of popups are pretty frequent. But on the bright side, these ads do not show up during playback. You can also download the app for free for a better and enhanced experience.

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22. Moviestars

Moviestars is a newly formed website for online streaming of movies and TV series because of which it does not have many users, but the numbers are slowly growing.

The interface of this website is very classy and easy with the search bar displayed in the center. The collection is also pretty decent, and he can watch everything from Warner Bros to Marvel.

This website is free to use, and since it is new, the number of advertisements are almost none. Overall, this website is worth a shot.

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23. Streamm4U

Streamm4U is another amazing alternative for coke and popcorn movies as this website offers a mind-blowing list of different filters and categories that make the movie experience better.

The video playback of this website is also very smooth and fast, and the same goes for the interface. There are some advertisements, but they don’t show up during playback. You can also easily change servers if you face problems in streaming something.

This website is also completely free and does not need any registration or sign up and is definitely a must-try for every movie and series lover.

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24. MoviesJoy

Just like the name suggests, the MoviesJoy website gives joy through the amazing movies and series collection it holds. On the website’s homepage, you will find a search bar and the trending movies and series, which makes the interface user friendly.

The genre availability is also wide, and you can stream a video in HD quality as well. The playback is very smooth and fast, and ads don’t show up during playback. Rating or also available, which gives a little better insight into the movie.

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25. SpaceMov

Spacemov is the website known for the amazing HD quality experience it provides to its users. You can also look for movies from different countries on this website.

Moreover, trailers are also available that helps you in deciding whether I want to watch the content or not. The interface is simple, and everything is for free. Advertisements are present on this website, but they don’t show up during playback. In case you face troubles in streaming a particular content, then this website also offers different links to stream the same material.

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26. Yes Movies

It is time to say yes to movies when you are on the Yes Movies platform. The best part about this website is a very straightforward and clean interface.

Users can see a search bar on the homepage and nothing else and can use that bad to find the desired movie or series. However, if you are looking for suggestions, you can opt for them from the filter options given on the upper corners of this website.

The quality of streaming is also amazing, and so is the collection. However, the redirecting links and pop up ads can be a source of the disturbance.

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27. Stream Lord

Another amazing choice for viewers is the stream lord website. This website has thousands of users per month globally and is slowly gaining some name and fame.

The amount of ads is almost equal to zero on this website, and the option for free registration is also available, though it is not necessary. Highway, if you decide to register on this website, you will be able to keep track of what you have watched, and suggestions will show up accordingly.

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28. Film Rise

Film rise is a different type of movie and series streaming platform that also has its application available to download on both Android and IOS devices.

The reason why film rise is different is because of its wide collection of movies and series. If you are more into exploring, then this website is the perfect one for you as it has those films and series that have amazing plots and graphics but somehow failed to catch the eyes of the public.

The ads on the website do pop up sometimes, but to a limited extent, and the interface is also very user-friendly.

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29. Yidio

Yidio is another popular option that can be used as an alternative for coke and popcorn movies. This website is comparatively new, but it has some solid old classic entertainment alongside the popular hits of 2020.

The interface is also pretty easy, and advertisements are minimal. However, you don’t need to sign up before you start your entertainment journey on Yidio.

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30. Internet Archive

Internet Archive was a nonprofit digital library or organization that allows users free access to movies, TV series, images, books, music, and so on. And everything is for free.

You can easily find the latest release of 2020 besides the old movies of the 70s or 80s. No matter what kind of mood you are in or what type of film you are willing to watch, the Internet Archive will always help you to find the perfect entertainment.

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31. Kanopy

Kanopy is another very famous movie and web series streaming website with hundreds of thousands of users every month.

Although to use this website, you have to create an account and go through the registration process. This website does not display any advertisements during playback. However, the content available on this website is limited, and you may not find the latest releases here.

Overall, this website is very interesting, and a must-try in case you are looking for something new and different.

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Some Last Words

Now that you have checked all the websites, it is time to open these websites and go through their amazing content. We are sure you will love them and would like to watch all the latest content without any hassle.

So, grab all your drinks/ eatables and get ready to enjoy your delightful movie content from the above-mentioned platforms! Share with us which is your favorite platform in the comment section below, we really love to hear from you!


  • Are All These Above-Mentioned Platforms Legal Or Illegal?

We have created this list to suit all. Therefore, it has both types of platforms legal as well as illegal. You may choose whatever you like.

  • Will Coke And Popcorn Ever Be Used Again?

The government has banned Coke and Popcorn website in 2019. It was because the website was illegal and had all the pirated content. Therefore, it might not work from now onwards.