A Focus on Strengths and Dreams: Get To Know Erin M. Kelly

A Focus on Strengths and Dreams: Get To Know Erin M. Kelly

Moving from self-doubt to self-confidence, Erin Kelly writes about removing obstacles in order to move forward toward her goals.May 18, 2020 by Lisa M

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Moving from self-doubt to self-confidence, Erin Kelly writes about removing obstacles in order to move forward toward her goals.May 18, 2020 by Lisa M. Blacker Leave a Comment “Every student in my class has a disability; some you can see, others you can’t.” – Mr. DeAntonio, high school biology teacher
If we are honest with ourselves, we all have a difference in ability or disability, whether it is observable by others or not. For some, disability becomes a theme in their lives and they give it permission to slow them down or keep them from pursuing their dreams altogether. Others who are focused and driven face their challenges head-on, determined to succeed in achieving their goals. They inspire and motivate others who have not yet found a way to overcome the challenges presented by their disability. One such inspirational person is Erin M. Kelly, known by her social media handle, @WriterWheels.
Erin M.Kelly started writing for The Good Men Project (GMP) in 2012. Her first piece was “The Science of Respect: The story of how Erin Kelly, a successful writer with Cerebral Palsy, absorbed her biology teacher’s wisdom.” In it, Erin lets us glimpse her early experience as a student, writer, and editor, all as a person who regularly uses a wheelchair. Never using her disability as a social crutch, Erin has been writing her personal stories and poetry consistently since before her college days at Penn State Altoona. Many of her articles have been published in assorted periodicals, including a monthly column in her local print newspaper.
In her 200+ articles for The Good Men Project, Erin writes about the people and events that have inspired her to pursue her career as a writer. She has also served as the Social Justice section editor for GMP, and has edited a few short works outside of GMP. Her collection of poetry, How To Wait, was published in 2018 (Finishing Line Press), after which she began working on her autobiography.
In The Resilient WriterWheels: Can’t Is A Bad Word (Lasting Impact Press), Erin modestly shares her wisdom with a healthy dose of self-evaluating questions. In doing so, she gives the reader insight into the mental-emotional process of moving from self-doubt to self-confidence, removing obstacles in order to move forward toward her goals. As a result, her autobiography is a gem of motivation and inspiration for almost every would-be reader and will be particularly helpful to budding writers. Parents and educators of youth with disabilities will find significant value in Erin’s biography as it will allow them to discern opportunities for improvement in the way they approach teaching and guiding the child.
Learn more about Erin M. Kelly and her work by subscribing to her mailing list: Bit.ly/ResilientWriterWheels

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