Are Facebook ads helpful then google ads?

Are Facebook ads helpful then google ads?

Are Facebook ads helpful then google ads?There is an increasing trend to promote business via online it can be facebook ads or google ads. They bo

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Are Facebook ads helpful then google ads?

There is an increasing trend to promote business via online it can be facebook ads or google ads. They both are similar but the main difference between these two are that one is a social media platform and the other one is a search giant. They both are having their own platform for publishing their ads.

They are working as an extremely different platform but then also both are able to generate a huge amount of benefit for the business owners. Many new platforms are generating a ton of traffic with both of these platforms. Officio is the platform who is applying both platforms to generate traffic and clients for this purpose.

Advantage of using facebook ads-

Facebook provide a robust analytics for analysis-

Facebook is providing a vast and vavid analytics platform to access all the data related to the audience. In this analytics platform you can find the behaviour of you users and what type of age group they are. The analytics also provide many type reports for future planning.

You Can Micro-Target Your Exact Audience

The facebook ads are very much helpful in targeting the exact audience according to behaviour, connection, language and location for this purpose. The targeting capabilities are quite high in which you can target specific segments which are using the types of products.

You can create ads catering to your specific needs

In facebook you can create ads that are having specific objectives like post engagements, website clicks, page likes and you can create ads accordingly to deliver best results.

Vast reach

While you are creating posts that are having a vast reach on facebook then also they may be not that much visible as paid ads. The best out of this is that they can appear more frequently then organic ads. So we can say that paid ads have a vast reach then organic one.

Remarketing feature

Facebook ads are having a special feature that provides remarketing to its ad platform users. The best thing about this platform is that it provides a special feature in which you can target those customers who have once interacted with your product.


Google has a massive reach in terms of search visibility and google ads too perform better for businesses as in this era each business is on online mode and wants to have a great reach. Google ads too perform better for this type of business.

Advantage of using Google ads

Massive reach

The main advantage of using google ads is that the platform is having a massive reach all over the world. The best thing about this platform is that over 87% of searches are done on google all over the world. So this is the biggest advantage of using google is that Google is having a vast reach.

Massive targeting feature

The other reason is massive targeting as it helps in targeting a vast number of people who are having a massive targeting feature. As in this you can target via different landing pages to your targeted customers. And if you are not able to convert it at its best then you can use retargeting for more conversions.

Gives a full control of your campaign

In google ads you are having full access to your campaign as in this you can stop and start your ads at each time. If you manually publish and do your campaign but in google ads you are having full access of these as whenever you want to start and stop your digital campaign.

Gets quicker results if used with SEO

Google ads provide better results if used with proper SEO as when your ads and website are coming on the first page then people are more likely to click on the same results.

Maximize ROI with different bidding strategies

Through google ads you can outperform the conversions by minimizing the cost of advertising and improving the return on investment. As in google ads there is having a huge range of options for selecting the different bidding strategies.


Both of these platforms are having their benefits and their plus point in their advertisement. But the preference of choosing the platform depends on once needs. As we know facebook is a vast social network and Google is a vast search engine both are used for some specific needs.