Artificial Intelligence: SUEZ and ffly4u deploy a unique solution to optimize waste collection in France

Artificial Intelligence: SUEZ and ffly4u deploy a unique solution to optimize waste collection in France

Since July 2020, the 200 skips that collect Toulouse inhabitants’ waste from the 13 waste disposal centers managed by SUEZ have been equipped with emb

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Since July 2020, the 200 skips that collect Toulouse inhabitants’ waste from the 13 waste disposal centers managed by SUEZ have been equipped with embedded artificial intelligence. Under test since 2019, the ffly4u solution has been deployed with the objectives of reducing fuel consumption, optimizing skip flows and reducing costs by optimizing collection resources.

The partnership between ffly4u and Suez started at the end of 2019 through the implementation of a Proof Of Concept on one waste disposal center and around 10 skips. Encouraged by the success of the solution, SUEZ and Decoset[1] deployed the ffly4u solution in July 2020 in the 13 waste disposal centers in the region of Toulouse. Thus, thanks to the connected devices attached to the skips, SUEZ has real-time visibility of the skip’s filling rate, its location at and off the dock, both in the waste disposal centers and in transit. The operational teams have precise knowledge of the skip loading/unloading phases, i.e. skip on the truck or on the ground, and they are also notified in case of extended idle time. In a highly urbanized area that attracts more than 10,000 new inhabitants every year, digitalization optimizes the planning, filling and transport of skips and therefore allows a 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) linked to waste transportation.

Technology unique in Europe

The ffly4u innovation relies on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in a device with low energy consumption (4 to 6 years of autonomy). This solution called “Edge AI Low Power®”, launched in 2018 by ffly4u, makes it possible to identify very precisely the life phases of industrial objects in the recycling sector and also in the sectors of cable/fiber, trailers, Returnable Transit Packaging and aeronautics.

Jean-Christophe Didio, Regional Director of waste recycling at SUEZ: “Suez develops innovative solutions to capture more recoverable waste, continuously optimize collection and reduce environmental impact. The ffly4u solution, which has been successfully tested in the region of Toulouse, contributes significantly to the digitalization of our businesses. The SUEZ group and the ffly4u team are currently discussing the possibility of extending this solution to other areas”.

Rodolphe Henry, Sales Director Europe at ffly4u: “This project with the SUEZ group proves the added value of our approach and raises real awareness among our clients and stakeholders of the significant value creation potential of our services. Today, it is clear that the collection of raw data from basic sensors, such as geolocation or temperature, is not enough. Industrial players are looking for real data specific to their businesses”.

[1]End of 2018, Decoset asked SUEZ to be responsible for the management of 13 waste disposal centers in Toulouse with the objectives of continuous improvement, performance optimization and improvement of quality service to users.

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About ffly4u

In the evolving IoT sector, ffly4u’s observation is clear: since the beginning of the Industrial Internet of Things in 2014, devices have been providing standard data (geolocation, temperature), while market demand since 2018 has changed to increasingly complex and specific business data. ffly4u has chosen to meet this demand by developing a business vertical approach, including both detailed understanding of the business (thanks to in-depth collaboration with users in the field) and the proprietary embedded “Edge AI Low Power ®” technology. This innovative approach enables the life phases of industrial objects to be identified very precisely, ensuring the creation of very high added-value critical and specific business data, which can, in some cases, be monetized.

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About SUEZ

SUEZ has been developing its expertise since the end of the 19th century, helping people to constantly improve their quality of life and preserve their health while supporting economic development. SUEZ operates on 5 continents with 90,000 employees, preserving the essential elements of our environment – water, soil and air – and allowing communities and industries to optimize their resources management, such as “smart cities”, and improve their environmental and economic performance. The Group serves 64 million inhabitants with sanitation services, produces 7.1 billion m3 of drinking water, contributes to economic development, with more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs created per year. It also contributes to the creation of new resources, with 4.2 million tons of secondary raw material produced. To follow its strategic plan, the Group aims to develop 100% sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment, health and climate. In 2019, the Group achieved a turnover of 18.0 billion euros.

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