Automotive design training abroad

Automotive design training abroad

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Automotive design is developing, new technologies are required, new ideas are required, therefore, qualified specialists in this area are in demand. The needs of users are increasing, it is necessary to compete and win in the competition with other manufacturers.

Therefore, leading car companies are looking for specialists with a fresh perspective and sufficient knowledge to develop new concepts and introduce new ideas in the development of car design.

When developing a new car, it is necessary to take into account the capabilities, needs, psychology of consumers, take into account what technologies and means the company own, how popular the new product will be on the market, and be creative in combination with competent strategic thinking. Such a task is within the power of anyone who has received the necessary training, which is why the services of an expert in the field of automotive design are so highly valued.

Abroad, you can get an education in this area at the proper level at universities, whose diplomas are quoted all over the world.

To get a job in a large automotive design studio, you need to study industrial design or, separately, transport design. Many foreign schools and universities specialize in industrial design, only a few of them provide an opportunity to study transport design.

Istituto Europeo di Design is one of the institutes where you can get the necessary knowledge and skills for further work in the development of the automotive design. This educational institution was founded in 1966 in Milan but quickly gained momentum due to the training program used and the involvement of leading specialists. The Institute became known throughout Europe.

Transport, automotive design training takes place in Turin for three years. In Turin, historical, technological, artistic, and scientific resources are being reassessed, they take the learning process seriously and try to make efforts to graduate specialists with relevant knowledge and skills.

Students have the opportunity to prove themselves and get an order from real companies for design development. This practice and the opportunity to cooperate with well-known car brands become a good incentive for diligent study, the development of creative thinking, and tracking all trends in this area.