eResearch Issues Initiating Report on Cannasat Therapeutics Inc.

eResearch Issues Initiating Report on Cannasat Therapeutics Inc.

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eResearch analysts, Beverly Brooks, MA (Economics), MBA and Bob Leshchyshen, BA, MBA, CFA, have written an Initiating Report on Cannasat Therapeutics Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CTH). Cannasat is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing a portfolio of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products.

In the Report, the Analysts state: “Cannasat has a substantially lower risk and lower cost product development strategy as compared to the other innovative, early-stage pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies since it is initially focusing on molecules that are already marketed and are known to be effective. If Cannasat successfully completes formulation development and early-stage clinical testing for its products in the pipeline, it should be able to sign marketing and co-development deals with larger pharmaceutical companies.”

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Cannasat Therapeutics Inc. paid eResearch a fee of C$17,000 + GST to conduct research on the Company, on an Annual Continuous Coverage basis.

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