Gokarna – Best Goa Alternative in India

Gokarna – Best Goa Alternative in India

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There is a stereotype that in Goa you can forget about civilization and visit a real paradise without leaving the Earth. American informants were the first to discover Goa. In the 80s, it was really possible to merge with nature there and do plenty of yoga to the sound of the ocean. Now the resort has turned into a noisy and crowded beach, similar to the Crimean one at the height of the season.

It offers services such as massage, hardware cosmetology, sells souvenirs, and tries in every possible way to lure tourists out of money. You will definitely not be able to merge with nature in Goa. But India is rich in outlandish and beautiful places. One of them is Gokarna.

Why is Gokarna better than Goa?
Gokarna is located in the state of Karnataka. By train from Goa, you can get there in two hours. Gokarna is a small cultural town. There are 4 clean beaches nearby. If you meet thousands of tourists in Goa, then in Gokarna there will be a dozen of them. A huge number of tourists from all over the world come to Goa in December and January. There are especially many Russian tourists on the beach, leaving behind tons of garbage and loving to drink. It should be noted that booze is cheap in Goa.

Therefore, you can meet drunk people on the beach around the clock. Someone right on the beach decides to get the best skincare under the sun, someone plays football, someone is looking for a place to spread a rug. But the tour operators will paint you a very different image of Goa. And this image will correspond with the stereotypical opinion about the resort. In order not to be disappointed in the resort, read reviews of tourists and see alternative photos from Goa.

Better go to Gokarna. The tourist business has not yet reached the coasts of the city. Therefore, there you can forget about the noise, city rubbish and Russian tourists.