Gullak Season 2 Cast, Release Date

Picture credit sonyliv Gullak Season 2 on Sony Liv stands to be a good sequel of the first season released in 2019. The story

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Gullak Season 2 Review Pakaoo

Gullak Season 2 on Sony Liv stands to be a good sequel of the first season released in 2019. The story of Gullak 2 revolves around the Mishra family with the emotional topsy turvy that marked the journey of this family in the series. Mr. and Mrs. Mishra still continue to argue over things that hardly have any grave relevance. And that’s what probably makes them even more adorable. Gullak is basically an earthen piggybank and the series takes off from its very own perspective. This implies that Gullak stands to be the narrator of the series. Mr. Mishra works in the electricity department of a company and loves to watch the news—especially the news by Ravish. And Mrs. Mishra serves Tehri frequently, of whom the rest of the family mourns in disgust. The overall flavour of the series has a lot of humour undoubtedly, but the binding of the story somewhere goes lacking.

Gullak Season 2 Cast

  • Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra
  • Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti Mishra
  • Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Annu
  • Harsh Mayar as Aman

Gullak Season 2 Release Date

January 15, 2021

Gullak Season 2 is humorous, but not hysterically funny. It would be more appropriate to call it an endearing comedy with chuckle.


The script of Gullak: Season 2 is not at all an eventful script. Although it has the apt diction, the dialogue framing required much more attention than it actually got. It has to be kept in mind that comedy demands a script of very high quality. Especially if it is a collection of anecdotes, lack of a good script can plant the first nail in the coffin of the series. And that is what exactly happened.


Jameel Khan did a good job in maintaining the continuity of the character of Santosh Mishra. Santosh meaning contentment actually prevailed in the character through the serene and balanced performance of Jameel Khan. Geetanjali Kulkarni was an equally amazing counterpart. Her command over the character of Shanti Mishra truly took the performance of the series to a completely different level.


Music of Gullak 2 composed by Anurag Saikia was surprisingly apt, keeping in mind the other departments. The simplicity of the series was established mostly through the music and background scores.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

If movies and web series filming gang wars and dark shades of life can have such good work of camera, a series like Gullak: Season 2 with such potential could have worked wonders in the area of cinematography. But there is no extra-ordinary role of camera in the series. Editing required a lot more sharpness. Humour demands intellectual editing, and as far as this sow is concerned, it definitely lacked that level of editorial approach.


Palash Vaswani had a good approach towards the direction of Gullak 2 web series on Sony Liv 2021. His way of realistic storytelling could really have worked wonders. It was a good idea to keep an unconventional narrative. But what it lacked was proper execution and presentation of the performances. With such good casting members, the script of the series could have been much better, along with the screenplay to pull off this 5-episode-length potential series to the level of the sky.