What is the best transport to travel the world?

What is the best transport to travel the world?

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The transport issue inevitably arises before every tourist who plans to travel abroad. You can travel on your own or purchase a tour from a travel agency, which to some extent determines the type of transport on which you have to get to your destination.

Travel from a tour operator includes air travel, and independent travel allows you to choose between land, air, and sometimes sea transport.

After reading, for example, a forum about Africa, it becomes obvious that more than half of the people come to this mainland to rest not on tourist stays, but on their own. The most popular way to get here is by air, which has undeniable advantages over land and water transport. Air travel takes much less time, which is especially important when it comes to transcontinental travel, which would take several weeks by land or water. Air transport provides not only speed but also comfort on the road, which land and water transport (for the most part) cannot boast of. And finally, traveling by air can save valuable time and spend it with pleasure at the resort, rather than on rail, buses or passenger ferries (for water crossing). Of course, air travel has one significant drawback – they are quite expensive. But behind the numerous advantages of this method of transportation, this disadvantage fades.

It has become quite popular lately to travel by bike. Of course, this applies to travel within the same continent and, most often, one country. Rarely do bike tours cover several countries, although this also happens. Cycling tourism is highly developed in Asia, in particular in China. Those who have a tourist or work visa to China, often get to this country by air but do not forget to take a bicycle with them from home. There is very dense road traffic in China, and sometimes it is problematic even in a small compact car to drive along the central streets of cities. Bicycles are nimble and agile vehicles for which there is no problem of parking and maneuvering in city traffic jams. In addition, it is the most environmentally friendly and profitable mode of transport that does not require any costs(except for periodic vehicle maintenance).