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Movierulz/ Movie Rules: Telugu Movie, Latest Telugu Movies, Illegal Movies Downloading Websites.

Movierulz/ Movie Rules provide people with different movies and TV series of not only the Bollywood Cinema but also Hollywood. People can enjoy watching and streaming different movies online through the portal of Movierulz/ Movie Rules and can even download movies for free through this website. With various genres and features of film present on the website, one can surely enjoy the site at good.

With various websites providing free-of-cost movies, one has to remember that these websites function illegally and have been working through the mode of piracy, which is regarded as an unlawful activity but the Indian Constitution. Hence, people should look up for legal alternatives rather than indulging themselves in some illegal activity.

About Movierulz/ Movie Rules

Movierulz/ Movie Rules are illegal movie downloading and streaming website that provides thousands of films to their audience for free without any additional or internal charges. People can select different movies to watch through this portal and find various picture quality to download according to their needs. One can find different movies with different genres and have them downloaded to their device.

Genres of Movie

Movierulz/ Movie Rules have a very large website with thousands of movies on their portal for immediate download or streaming online. Hence, to provide ease for people to find their favorite film through the portal easily, one can choose the genres according to their mood and see the perfect movie to watch easily. Some of these genres are mentioned below.

  • Biography
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Sci-fi
  • Fiction
  • Adventure

These genres make it easier for people to find out the best movie that they are in search of easily and save up time through this process.

Features of Movierulz/ Movie Rules

With numerous illegal movie downloading websites available, one can say that the features of Movierulz/ Movie Rules are the best and can be appealing for people to watch the movies through different picture extensions like 360p, 720p, and 1080p. One can also find the different languages and dubbed movies; some of these have been mentioned below.

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Latest Telugu movies
  • Telugu dubbed movies
  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Hollywood dubbed movies

People can select the genres or choose the feature of the movies through which movies can be found easily on the website of Movie rules.

Alternatives to Movierulz/ Movie Rules

As given, the website of Movierulz/ Movie Rules is an illegal portal and has all their movies through piracy, which is an unlawful activity. Hence, these portals are shut down by the government, and people cannot have access to them.

Moreover, it is always better to choose the legal alternative for the movies to watch and stream online rather than indulging oneself in unlawful activity. Read the other portal below to find similar websites to stream and download movies online for free of cost.

Alternative portals which work similarly to Movierulz/ Movie Rules

Alternatives to legal websites

  • Netflix(1)
  • Amazon Prime(2)
  • Hotstar(3)
  • MX Player

Is Movie rules a trustworthy Website?

No, one cannot for a clear state whether it is a trustworthy website or not. But it is an illegal website that has been working against the Indian Constitution. Any person who is found using or promoting such sites like Movie rules can face legal issues against them and can find themselves in great trouble.

Moreover, illegal websites are a hub for different viruses and hackers, which can invade your device and steal your data stored in the machine. Hence, people should choose legal alternatives to download movies rather than get into such illegal activities.


Movierulz/ Movie Rules are a fantastic website but have the major drawback of working illegally, which has a high threat for people regarding this. Hence, people should choose other legal alternatives through which they can stream movies online and don’t get into an unlawful activity that they do get in while using portals like these.

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