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Our Main Motive is to educate people who are visiting our blog.

Our “Write for Us” Guidelines

Article length and word count:

The length of the article that you submit on the site must be 750 words. An article that is from 700 to 800 words is always preferred. We also suggest the writers to lengthy articles. The article must be informative, free from plagiarism, and original. You must not have submitted the same article elsewhere.

Approval of the topic:

If you want to submit an article on our website, you must send the topic to the given email id. We will approve the topics that are interesting and relevant to our site.

Choose an impressive title:

The title must convey what is in the body of the article. To be precise, the title is the reflection of the article. You can choose a topic that is highly beneficial for the students who want to pursue their career in that particular field and is also search engine friendly. No user would show interest in reading an article that has an unimpressive or vague title. Post title plays a critical role in improving readability.

Allow adding a link:

You can add one do-follow link to the article. The link that you add in the informative article should be directed to a reliable blog, but not to any product, commercial site, or affiliate marketing site.

Promotional Content:

You must not email the article that has promotional content or promotes a product or an educational institution, as it is a paid section. If you want to promote anything, you can email us with the subject name “sponsored post ad.”

No Unethical Stuff:

We do not accept articles that are talking about something that is harmful to the readers.


We reject articles that are copied from other sites or have been posted on some other sites. The content you submit to us must be unique, original, and away from the breach of copyright infringement or intellectual property.

Original concepts:

We won’t publish an article that is already published somewhere. If there are any grammatical errors or typo errors or weak restructuring of the sentence, we disqualify the post.

Hold the right:

We have all the right to edit the article and add links to it. We also tweak the title of the article and make it SEO friendly and reader-friendly.


You must provide a biography of 100 words and include your social media. You can also include the college or university where you are working or pursuing your higher studies.

Images, videos, and interactive content:

You can add images to the content that are of high resolution. The images you add must be free from copyright infringement. When you are saving the images, you must give an appropriate name to the image. You can also add a video. If at you want to add an infographic to the article, you must embed the code.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

 You can send a few topic ideas before submitting an article to us directly.

 send it to our email address /

– If your topic is interesting and relevant to our blog, we will get in touch with you.

– We only accept articles that are sent in a Microsoft Word document.

– Subject (Guest Post or Advertising)

– Topics Ideas

– and Website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.