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Are you a talented travel writer looking for an audience for your literary masterpieces? Well, you’ve come to the right place – we’re looking for travel bloggers to write for us and we’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to publish articles that will enlighten our readers, show them new, exciting places to visit and showcase the hottest events around the world. Our readers are 18-40 travelers looking for good times and new experiences, whether that’s nightlife and festivals, learning about different cultures, or discovering adrenalin-fueled activities to do while away from home.

Regular contributors and guest bloggers

We’re really keen to get great travel writers on board who can contribute regularly, whether it’s a new post each quarter, month, fortnight, or even each week.

We also accept guest posts from bloggers if you’re not ready to commit to writing regularly – perfect for anyone dipping their toes into the world of travel blogging!

How to impress our editors

So, what can you contribute to 24inside? If you want to write for us, please review the following general guidelines on what we accept:

  • Articles must be at least 800 words long
  • Articles about personal travel experiences are especially welcome
  • A joke or two would be welcome to help fit the blog’s style
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar are essential (British English preferred)
  • All articles must include a high-resolution featured image (2000px by 1300px max), plus images to illustrate your article’s key points, which you must own the copyright for or cite the copyright owner
  • You may link out to up to two other pages within your articles, provided they’re relevant to your article and offer value to our readers
  • 1 do-follow link will be included in your article.
  • Make sure your post is well structured
  • Use title case in each heading
  • You agree to us making minor amends to your article where required

Things we won’t publish

  • Articles with self-promotional links. Links to relevant resources are fine
  • Things we’ve already covered. Be sure to check our blog before you submit it. If we’ve already covered your favorite destination or topic, what’s your twist on it?
  • Articles that offer no value. If you’re pitching a boring list post on a generic topic, then you’ve come to the wrong place
  • Off-topic articles. If it is not related to travel, we’re not the right publisher for your article
  • Hard to read articles with multiple grammatical errors.  Quality content only, please!

Contact us:

editor@24inside.com / 24inside33@gmail.com