Writing an Essay in an Hour: How to Write a Top-Notch Paper?

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Writing is a common routine for every student at school, college, and/or university. One may be assigned essays, research papers, projects, and notorious dissertations which may greatly affect the grade of the diploma. However, not everything is bright for those students who literally suffer by writing even a thesis. This article will share some tips on how to master and write a good essay within an hour only.

How to Approach Essay Writing?

An essay is not a simple paper on the assigned topic where you have to fulfill all professors’ requirements and submit it to receive a grade. An essay is a pool of considerations where you have to both present the evidence, facts alongside your ideas, and arguments. On most occasions, you have to know inside out of the topic to provide a professor with non-trite sayings. While some essays may be linked just too simple writing like – What career do you want to pursue or renowned – How did I spend the summertime? 

Let’s approach it in the following steps.

#1 Preparation is half of the success

Pretend you can write an essay on any topic, what to do? Check what other students will write for the class. Understand what topics should not be repeated. Then, overlooking the top or most popular essay topics. After that, just make a stop-list of those topics to not be trite. Narrow your selection of essays by discussing the preferred topics with your professor. Ideally, you should receive their approval. Otherwise, you can always ask for some hints on the direction of topics you can choose for your writing.

#2 Create an Outline

The fastest essays are the ones written with outlines. Outlines are like drafts where you can approximately hint yourself at arguments, sources, and paragraphs. Spend some time brainstorming ideas about what to add to the essay. When you have several ideas for the topic, structure them all per introduction, main body, and conclusion.

#3 Find Quotes

Quotes are great tools for showing to a professor your research. For average length essays of 500-1000 words, 2-3 quotes will be enough. Do not forget that they should be added to the paper with quotation marks. Note, that the quote can perfectly act as a part of the thesis if you run out of your own considerations. Yet, the quote should be supported with some introductory words which you will refer back to in the conclusion. 

#4 Start Writing Everything that Comes to Your Mind

One of the best ways to reach the word count, and come across great ideas is to write without stopping. Yes, you should simply start writing everything that comes to your mind. After such prolific writing, you can anyway sort out the written sentences and find what should be added to the final draft for sure. Based on students’ experience, at least 2 to 3 brilliant ideas will be picked.

#5 Be Critical

Once you manage to write the introduction and main body, think about adding some critical arguments. Ideally, every found evidence or fact should be negotiated to show a professor your considerations. Yet, do not be too biased. For instance, if you find the words of Shakespeare’s poems too dull for a modern generation, ensure to power such a critical statement with WHY explanations. For practice, find online the critical essay samples where you can check how students provide their problem-solving and expose critical thinking to deliver their arguments.

#6 Summarize Your Findings Soberly

As was said above, all your written material in the introduction (thesis and hook), should be referred to again in the conclusion. The main tip with this essay part is to never add any new information or your professor will get puzzled. Your conclusion should be precise and lead to some results of your research. Try to avoid quotes in the end but stick to your personal opinion only. 

#7 Proofread and Edit

To guarantee yourself an excellent grade, you should always re-read your essay prior to submitting it to the professor. You can use such services as Grammarly, and the Hemingway app. Grammarly will assist you with grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, while Hemingwayapp will hint at hard-to-read sentences. Still, your proofreading should be also ongoing with an alone check-up of the essay. Ask yourself such questions as – Did I deliver the main idea? Was there enough evidence, facts, and arguments? Does the essay bring any logic?

#8 Read Your Essay to Others

If applicable, you can also read your final essay to your friends or relatives. Why? They can give you unbiased feedback about your masterpiece and advise you about additional arguments and logic in the paper. Ensure, that everyone who listens to your essay won’t say imaginative words just not to hurt you. Everything should be fair because it will reflect on your final grade.

#9 Ask for Help from Third-Parties

You may laugh, but the fastest essays are written by professionals. Yes, you can always refer to a 24/7 essay writing service where online experts can complete your order on time and affordably. Such custom writing companies e.g. CustomWritings fulfill all your requirements regarding the style of writing, and sources, and just add some creativity. All in all, essay writing companies are the best assistants when you cannot manage the deadlines for all the disciplines. Yet, do not get hooked on such help because you won’t master writing alone ever. If you can manage it alone, do it, if not – ask for help. 

Finally, as for the tips on how to write a top-notch essay within an hour? Everything depends on your dedication and motivation. If you have a clean-cut scheme for accomplishing the paper fast, you will achieve it. While if you are distracted from other activities, your essay will definitely fail. To help you concentrate, try out the Pomodoro technique which will help write an essay in time blocks. Or, do not puzzle your head, and again refer to designated writing services.

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