How To Start a Cannabis Delivery Service

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Cannabis customers want to access products in the most convenient ways possible. You can start a cannabis delivery service to meet their needs. Read on to learn how to create a successful marijuana delivery service.

Create a Delivery Strategy

Setting a delivery strategy is a significant part of your business plan and can impact your success. Determine your goals and objectives to develop an ideal delivery strategy.

Research your target demographics to identify whether delivery is feasible. Cannabis delivery is excellent if Millennials and Gen Z are your target market since they enjoy convenience. It can be ideal if home-bound people like seniors are part of your target market.

Assess the impacts of delivery on current operations. You may need to hire more employees, get more vehicles and increase your inventory. Let your projected sales determine the additions you’ll make.

Understand Local Laws

Research your area’s regulations to avoid attracting fines or a license suspension. Canada carries strict rules on cannabis and the youth. You can’t promote, sell, or deliver marijuana to anybody below 18 years. Limit access to your services by setting up measures to check buyers’ ages.

Hire a legal professional to help you navigate marijuana laws. They can help you legally get your business off the ground for smooth operations.

Set a Delivery Radius

You may be tempted to deliver nationwide to beat your competition. This isn’t ideal when starting your business.

Assess how much you’ll incur per mile of delivery before setting a boundary. Focus on areas you can afford to deliver to without incurring too many costs.

This doesn’t mean your immediate local area is your only market. You can deliver farther away if you identify a delivery gap. Areas your competitors avoid delivering to or haven’t discovered are suitable markets. Start by delivering small quantities to determine if they’re feasible.

If unsure about how to set a delivery radius, look at other delivery businesses in your area. Successful restaurants and flower shops can provide valuable information. Set up meetings with their owners to understand their routes. Remember, more legal regulations bind cannabis, so not all their tips will work for your business.

Choose a Delivery Business Model

Local regulations determine appropriate business models for different areas. Here are the three main delivery models.

Pizza Shop Delivery

This works a lot like your local pizza shop. You’ll own a brick-and-mortar store where you’ll package and dispatch products. This option can be ideal in areas where sellers need to package cannabis before leaving their premises.

Ice Cream Truck

This option is known as a warehouse on wheels since you can do everything in your truck. It allows delivery services to make many deliveries at once. This delivery model isn’t legal in all areas, and you’ll need to check local regulations first.

Hybrid Delivery

This model combines aspects of pizza shop and ice cream truck workflows. You can carry a specific amount (determined by your area’s laws) of product in your vehicle and leave the rest at your central location.

Secure Your Marijuana

To keep your customers happy, you must deliver fresh cannabis products. To achieve this, store your cannabis securely.

Store the marijuana in glass jars since they prevent microbial growth. Keep your jars in a cool, dry place. Too high or too low temperatures can affect your product’s quality.

Choose Delivery Partners

Working with the right partners streamlines workflows and boosts profit levels. A vehicle tracking service can be ideal since it’ll let you know where your delivery vehicles are at all times. Work with a data management service to help you keep track of sales. This will help you identify the most profitable delivery areas and focus on them.

Follow These Tips to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service

The first step to starting a cannabis delivery service is creating a strategy. Understand local laws, set a delivery radius, and choose a business model. After that, find ways to guarantee your product’s quality and pick delivery partners. Do this, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful cannabis delivery business owner.


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