Difference between Comprehensive and Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance

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Research suggests that bikes and other two-wheelers are most commonly involved in road-side accidents. The statistics had increased manifold until about a decade ago when, even though wearing a helmet was compulsory, strict checking was not undertaken.





However, after the increase in the accidents, the courts and traffic police became more vigilant and imposed heavy fines on individuals who were complacent and did not wear helmets while on the bikes.

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Even so, in these times of risk-taking and adventure, there has been a sharp rise in the recklessness and rash riding of bikes on the roads. People on two-wheelers often ride past the speed limit thus making it difficult to then avoid crashes as bringing their vehicles to a stop becomes tough.

In any case, accidents or no accidents, being prepared and ensuring one’s safety even in unpredictable times is important. Two-wheeler companies themselves advocate the purchasing of insurance as soon as a bike is bought to provide their customers with the required equipment for their benefit.

Be aware of the types of insurance for bikes – There are several different types of bike insurances that are available in the market for the customers to choose from. This gives them a range of options to evaluate and then decide the best amongst all. Third-party liability insurance, Comprehensive Bike insurance, Direct Compensation-Property Damage Insurance, etc are available to customers; thus giving them an option to make a calculated and informed decision about their two-wheelers.

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All about Comprehensive Insurance – Comprehensive insurance is one of the most popular types of policies that customers opt to purchase for their bikes. Owing to its holistic nature and large and long-term benefits, most people eventually end up investing in this scheme to avail of its benefits.

The plan ensures to provide a substantial cover not only for the rider and the vehicle but also for the third party. It is one of the most ideal ‘total coverage plans’ provided for bikers. However, the plan is known for a higher insurance premium as compared to others due to the extra benefits. Another added advantage to this plan would be the attractive no-claim bonus it offers if the insurance is not claimed for a year or more.

The plan covers:

  • Damage to the bike due to an accident
  • Injury to the rider(s) in an accident
  • Theft
  • Damage to the bike in case of fires or natural disasters
  • Injury to the third party involved in the accident.

Understanding the Zero Depreciation package – Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance is primarily an add-on cover that one can choose to opt for along with their holistic insurance policy packages. After the bike is bought, depending upon the number of years it has been run for, the kilometers, scratches, damages to parts, general wear and tear, etc would lead to a decrease (depreciation) in the value of the bike.

Due to this, the value that the owner would have to pay during an accident would increase. The zero depreciation plan would be a great asset in situations like these.

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The Zero depreciation plan covers :

  • The complete cost of damage to a vehicle in an accident
  • Repair of other parts (accessories) without depreciation
  • The renewal of the insurance policy of the bike
  • The damage to any plastic, fiberglass, rubber parts of the bike

While having a comprehensive package for insurance is beneficial for the customers, on the whole, add-ons provide extra advantages and plans that would originally not be covered in the insurance package.

The zero depreciation policy is one such add-on that many people choose to opt for in their packages. Of course, this implies a higher premium value, however, it is worth it considering the minimal charges that the owner would have to pay for if an unfortunate accident occurs.

Safeguarding not only the bike and its costs but also the riders and third parties is essential to avoid any unnecessary trauma or added inconvenience. An accident, in itself, is not an easy event to deal with.

Ensure the safety of your prized possessions and yourselves by investing in your betterment. Insurances are not expenditures, they are investments that would come in handy even in the long run. Insurance companies are making the policies easy to understand and durable, thus making them easy for the customers. Do not think twice and invest in the insurance now!

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