Improving your Mental State, Fitness and Diet is Key in Poker

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Some of The Most Used Cliches

These are some of the most used cliches with regard to how one’s mindset can help affect the turn of events. Do you believe them? Are they true? Do they have a place in the world of gambling in areas like online poker or even in any other online gambling arena for that matter or are they simply restricted to live casinos only?

Perhaps. To be honest, I am not totally sure. I think that to a certain degree, it just might be true. But this will only hold true if you believe that luck has something to do with gambling. Some people will vehemently react against this statement. I know some people who would state clearly that many card games have nothing to do with luck and that it is all skill.

I believe, however, that in most of these games, there is a degree of luck involved. I am not making little of the important role that skill plays, trust me. I know how important a card player’s skills are. However, I also believe that sometimes, luck comes into play. And sometimes, it might make the difference for players – skilled or unskilled.

So what do you do about luck? It is not something that you can control. It is something that comes and goes. Now back to the original question – do your attitude and mindset attract or repel luck? Is there any truth to the idea that if you think lucky, you will attract luck?

I think that there is no clear-cut answer to this. I know a lot of lucky people who think lucky – it must be true for them. Then again, I know a lot of people who think they’re lucky but always end up busting.

There are certain things that are connected to your level of play and how much you earn as a poker player that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how you play the cards. To be able to grind long sessions means that you can make more money and the more money that you make then the more successful you will be as a poker player. For any would-be online player that is seriously considering playing the game full time then good fitness levels and a good diet are crucial.

It may seem strange to say that physical fitness is needed in a sedentary game like poker but in that aspect, it is similar to chess. Physical fitness is in fact linked to higher levels of concentration and focus. Also if you are not happy about the state of the body then your mind is affected and poker at the end of the day is a mental game. If your mind is distracted for whatever reason then your level of poker will drop it is simple cause and effect at work.

For many years I was under the illusion that my session lengths were getting shorter because I was becoming disinterested in the game. Until I read an article on why physical fitness was important in chess and then I recall seeing players like Bobby Fischer doing strenuous workouts to stay in shape. If you are going to play poker full time then you will obviously spend large amounts of time spent sitting down.

This has to be compensated for in some capacity and you need to balance that out with exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym but just getting more exercise than what you are getting at the moment. Have you ever tried not moving for several hours on the sofa? The less that you move you can find that the less you want to move. It is this effect that can happen when you play poker for too long without balance.

It can reach a stage where you no longer have the desire to exercise or to eat healthy foods and suddenly your weight starts to gain and your fitness levels drop. Then this impacts your psyche and suddenly you find that you can no longer focus or concentrate for long periods anymore without becoming fatigued.

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