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Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage Age

If you’ve ever wondered about the age of Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, you’re not alone. In the world of celebrity children, a lot of parents also wonder the same. Luckily, there’s a simple answer to that question: they’re 20 years old!

Joycelyn Savage is an American singer and songwriter. She recently made headlines when she accused R. Kelly of abusing her and keeping her against her will. Although she was only 19 years old at the time, her relationship with the musician has now turned into controversy. Here is some background information on the singer’s life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Joycelyn Savage.
Born Date July 22, 1995
Age 27 years old
Horoscope Cancer
Lucky Number 8
Lucky Stone Moonstone
Lucky Color Silver
Best Match for Marriage Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Gender Female
Profession Singer
Country United States
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Break Up R Kelly
Eye Color Dark Brown.
Hair Color Black.
Body Size 34-24-35.
Net worth $1 million
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Afro-American.
Religion Christianity.
Father Timothy Savage.
Mother Jonjelyn Savage
Siblings One Sister
Instagram Joycelyn Savage. Instagram
Brands N/A
Hobbies N/A

Joycelyn savage age when met r kelly

Joycelyn Savage, a famous singer, is currently in the news due to her relationship with R. Kelly. The singer has been accused of using her as a sex slave. She was 19 years old when she met the singer backstage at a concert. Savage claims that she was sexually assaulted on a regular basis by R. Kelly.

According to her book, Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly began dating when she was around 17 or 18. The pair lived together in a house in Chicago where they dated. However, when the two were caught in an altercation, the Chicago Police were alerted and the pair were removed from the premises. Joycelyn did not reveal much about her relationship with R. Kelly, and it is unclear if she still has a relationship with him.

In 2014, Joycelyn Savage met R. Kelly during his concert. Savage’s parents later learned that she had not been attending college and had moved in with the singer without their consent. Her parents wanted their daughter to finish her education, but Joycelyn refused. After they learned that R. Kelly had moved in with their daughter, they filed a complaint against him, clarifying the custody arrangements between the two.

Joycelyn Savage 2022 age

In early 2015, singer and actress Joycelyn Savage turned twenty-two years old. Initially, she remained in Chicago to attend school, but she dropped out and went to a different high school. She then began a career as a model and singer. She worked with R. Kelly for many years, and while she never got a formal acting career, she continued to pursue her passion for singing. Eventually, she and Kelly began dating and living together.

As of 2022, Joycelyn Savage is believed to be worth at least $1 million. She earns most of her money from her career as an Aspiring Singer, but she prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. It is not known how much she earns or how much she weighs, but her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Since she first went public, Joycelyn Savage has been involved in several controversies. In July 2017, she opened up about her experiences with R. Kelly and compared his treatment to that of other women. She claimed that he abused her in various ways, including controlling her every move. She also alleged that Kelly made her perform under false pretenses, and she was brainwashed by him.

Joycelyn savage age 2019

Joycelyn Savage is a singer and songwriter. She met R Kelly backstage at a concert and began working with him on her music. In 2016, she dropped out of college and began living with the singer. Despite her parents’ warnings, Savage decided to pursue a career in singing. Although Kelly was accused of brainwashing her, Savage denied the accusations.

Joycelyn Savage’s family includes her father Timothy and mother Jonjelyn. She has two younger sisters, Jori and Jailyn. The family has not released information about Savage’s net worth and salary, but she is active on social media. The most recent information on Savage’s career came from her Patreon account, which she has been active on since July 2017.

Despite her involvement in the case, Savage did not testify in the trial. She claimed to be the singer’s fiance and asked the judge to grant leniency to her boyfriend. Her engagement to Kelly has not been publicly acknowledged, and neither Kelly nor Savage have commented on their relationship.

Joycelyn savage age 21

The twenty-one-year-old Joycelyn Savage is making headlines due to her relationship with R. Kelly, a well-known music star. The pair met when the singer visited the Atlanta attire boutique where her parents work. Kelly reportedly began coaching Joycelyn as soon as she started school. The couple has yet to confirm or deny their relationship.

The relationship with Kelly began when Joycelyn Savage was attending college. After hearing about her new relationship with Kelly, her parents began trying to contact their daughter. They were surprised to learn that she was living with the singer in her college dorm. Their daughter had moved in with Kelly without informing them. Despite their efforts, she refused to finish college.

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel clary’s age

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, who are both in their mid-twenties, are in the spotlight right now, thanks to the alleged abuse that they both suffered at the hands of R. Kelly. While they both deny being brainwashed, they did engage in several sexual relations while they were dating Kelly. In fact, they even got into a physical fight at the singer’s Trump Tower condominium. The two were arrested and later released on bond.

Azriel and Joycelyn have never spoken about their religious beliefs, but they have used faith a lot over the years. Despite denying that their relationship is romantic, the couple has had to turn to their faith to deal with many difficult circumstances. While their parents thought their relationship was strictly professional, the two began arguing and called the police. In a subsequent interview with Gayle King, they both defended each other and claimed they are not being held against their will.

While they are still in their teens, Azriel Clary’s parents are no longer speaking to her. Her parent’s relationship with their daughter has been strained for over a year. The family is reportedly having internal issues and no longer communicating with each other. As a result, the parents are not sure of Azriel’s whereabouts.

Joycelyn Savage had sex eith kelly at what age

R. Kelly’s fiancee, Joycelyn Savage, has denied allegations she had sex with the rapper. While she did not comment during the trial, her parents pleaded for leniency, saying their daughter was a victim and not a sex offender. In an interview with Gayle King, Savage also defended Kelly, saying she was only 19 when she first met him. “It’s a misunderstanding,” she said.

Kelly and Clary imply that both of her parents had an interest in her relationship and were manipulative when she first met Kelly. While she did not directly address her parents’ intentions, Savage nodded as she explained that her parents wanted to use the relationship for their own ends.

Following the interview with Kelly, Savage’s parents spoke out against the allegations. Kelly has said that his father had set up the meetings, but Kelly’s camp has denied the allegations. The Kelly camp has also denied receiving any money from Clary Savage or Kelly’s father. Clary has also said her parents are making up the details.

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