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The company’s core business is serving small businesses. It offers a PCI-compliant payment gateway, a phone validation service, and an app that allows business owners to track business performance. It also lets business owners manage customer service tickets, view their Paymentsense bills, and more. Whether you’re a small or large business, there’s a Paymentsense solution that’s right for you.

Paymentsense is a UK-based merchant account provider that offers card payment solutions to more than 50,000 businesses nationwide. The company was founded in 2010 and has grown to become one of the most innovative and successful providers of merchant account solutions in the country. Its products include payment gateways, card machines, and virtual terminals.

The company offers many different merchant account packages, each including a payment gateway and virtual terminal. Paymentsense also allows you to customize your package based on your specific needs. You can even choose a package with custom transaction fees based on the volume of business you expect to generate.

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Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services was formed in 2009, and is based in Newark, Delaware. The company specializes in high-risk businesses and offers a range of payment processing solutions. These solutions include e-commerce, wireless payments, and virtual terminals. Additionally, the company provides business cash advances.

Host Merchant Services is one of the largest, full-service payment processors in the United States. The company is dedicated to providing merchants with the best service possible. It offers month-to-month service, no contracts, and no early termination fees. Thousands of merchants across the country use Host to process their payments, and the company offers support in all 50 states.


Instabill’s contract terms vary depending on the type of business, size, and risk of fraudulent activity. These contracts often include early termination fees and PCI Compliance fees. The company has extensive educational material on its website and reserves the right to cancel a merchant account if a company fails to live up to these requirements.

Instabill is an offshore and high-risk merchant account provider. Although they have attracted some negative reviews from merchants, Instabill seems to be proactive in protecting itself against fraud. Instabill may be a viable option for merchants who don’t wish to deal with traditional credit card processing, but they should compare their rates to those offered by other high-risk processors to see if it is the best fit for their business.

Total Merchant Services

Total Merchant Services provides payment solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Its range of payment products and services helps businesses accept all major credit cards, including contactless payments. These products also include point-of-sale systems and marketing tools. Total Merchant Services’ payment solutions are easy to use, low-cost, and comprehensive.

Total Merchant Services (TMS) has been listed in the Better Business Bureau’s directory for several years. Its highest rating is A+, meaning that the company is reputable. However, the company has received many complaints in the past three years, including complaints about deceptive sales practices and unexpectedly high fees. Yelp shows that Total Merchant Services has 6 “recommended” reviews. Four of these reviews are negative, while one review is five stars, praising the company’s excellent customer service.

Total Merchant Services also offers cash advances against future sales. These cash advances are repaid through a percentage of the business’s daily credit card sales. This is a better option than traditional bank loans, which are costly for smaller businesses. Additionally, Total Merchant Services also offers Check Conversion and Guarantee services, which convert checks into electronic payments. In addition, it also guarantees payment on all checks a merchant processes.

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Advantage Processors

When choosing a merchant account provider, it’s important to choose one that has a number of different features. Typically, merchants that do high-value business need processors that offer chargeback insurance and fraud protection. But the types of merchant services that processors offer will depend on your business model.

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