Repmove: How to Transform Your Sales Process with Intelligent Route Planning

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Your salespeople are working tirelessly and without stopping, but you want to see more significant results in your trading? There is a reason for this. Today, the options for moving around the city have become more complicated, which includes the constant need to analyze traffic jams, the openness of passages, and road repairs so that the sales agent does not get into a difficult situation.

This is easy to achieve with the RepMove app, which becomes the center of your professional action planning. This application will quickly and easily help you plan your movements around the city or region, harmonize the activities of different workers, allowing you to extract maximum productivity from their actions.

You are always aware of what is happening on the routes

A distinctive character of the technology is its ability to procure a well-functioning trading algorithm, where all the nuances and details are taking into account. Using the sales route planner excel function, you can easily plan your sales sequence, thereby increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Taking into account the spatial location of customers makes it possible to build the fastest and most thoughtful sales route, which will lead to their efficiency with less effort, resources and time on the part of the sales employee. The application integrates perfectly with various systems of your device and allows you to exchange data, fill it out online and connect to the calendar.

Easy to work, even easier to earn

The main thing about the application is its simplicity and rich functionality. By downloading the technology, you will be able to use the best of its abilities in a few moments. This is achieved thanks to a very simple and understandable interface of the application and a high-quality system of tips and instructions on the website.

It shows everything in great detail – from how to install RepMove and create a corporate account, to integrating the appointment calendar into the application, using multiple routes and working with data sets. By visiting the website  you can personally verify the quality, simplicity and functionality of the application in a few minutes.

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