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With all of the dangers in the world these days it’s no surprise that parents and administrators are working hard to get together to come up with a strategy for the children’s safety in our schools. So the importance and urgency of security systems in public schools have never been greater.  Here are some figures which might make you reconsider any opposition you may have had to the introduction of a security system into your child’s school.

The National Crime Prevention Council reminds us of some sobering statistics. In the year 2001, there were more than 2 million crimes committed in schools against children aged 12 to 18. 2 million crimes. 161,000 of these crimes were “serious violent crimes.” These numbers are staggeringly huge. So whether or not you have ever heard of your child or any child being a victim of crimes in school, the fact is that they are happening. Having a security system in your child’s school will really help defer this crime and help your kids and their classmates stay safe.

Drugs are another scourge in schools these days. A staggering 29% of the school population grades 9-12 surveyed have said that someone has offered or tried to sell them drugs on school grounds. These are just the number of kids who have admitted to having the drugs offered to them; consider the kids who are doing the pushing or selling; they aren’t likely to admit to their involvement in these crimes. The fact is that having a video security system on school grounds can help administration and security snuff out the bad seeds in your child’s school.

While you might not think that a security control system in Minneapolis St. Paul or in your own community would be necessary, the fact is that crimes can happen anywhere. The more rural or less conspicuous the location, the harder your community can be hit by crimes in schools. If you come from an area with a less than robust or already taxed police force, the criminals know this. That fact can offer motive and opportunity for dealers and criminals to target younger people at the school level. When kids start out their lives committing petty crimes and getting away with it, what is their motivation to follow the law as adults?

The safety and well-being of our kids are all of our problems and should be of concern for everyone in your community; whether you have children or not. If crimes are running rampant in your town then the likelihood of your property values plummeting, business opportunities shriveling up, and stigma being placed upon your region is only going to rise. Everyone should get involved at the very local level and ensure that crimes don’t become an issue at your communities schools. One of the strongest deterrents and best ways to quickly solve crimes on school grounds is to have your schools installed with an up-to-date, advanced, and regularly monitored school security control system.

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