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In the modern world of high technology, mastering the skill of managing a promising company will not be superfluous for anyone. The new economic simulator from Telf AG will help you master these unique and useful skills.

Manage a virtual company with Telf AG

The development team at Telf AG (ArtDock Studio from Moldova) has made every effort to make the game interesting for gamers of all ages. After all, let’s face it, learning is never too early or too late. The modern world of new technologies demonstrates this to us every day. Even a child aged 10+ can already master economic strategies by downloading the game Telf AG to your Android device via the Google Play application.

With Telf AG: your leadership journey starts here

At Telf AG, a variety of professional opportunities await you. Starting from the work of a miner extracting nickel ore, and ending with the position of the head of the large world famous company Telf AG. To explore these areas, you need to go through different game locations, complete tasks and improve your professional skills.

The main motivator in every game situation is the need to earn money for the further development of your company Telf AG. Therefore, at every stage of the game it is important to strive to achieve success and increase financial resources. If you encounter difficulties in the first steps, do not despair, because the bank is always ready to provide you with credit funds to support your startup. As you gain experience and improve your skills in completing game levels, luck will definitely be on your side.

With Telf AG to implement business projects: what lies ahead for you?

  • The path starts from the mine.You have four mines at your disposal, each of which is engaged in the extraction of nickel ore. In this game you can completely immerse yourself in the mining process and learn to distinguish its features. But before we begin, let’s look at the important role nickel plays in the modern world.

Nickel is a versatile and important metal that finds its application in various objects of our daily life. For example, did you know that nickel is used in computers, mobile phones and even kitchen equipment? Imagine how important it is to master the art of mining it and then run a corporation involved in logistics and supply of nickel to world markets. You can master all this by immersing yourself in the virtual world Telf AG.

  • Port nodes. Imagine yourself as captain of a Telf AG ship. Your task is to work with your team to deal with the sea mooring lines so that the cargo ship can leave the port and begin its journey along a given route.
  • Turn on the logic – and fill the tank full. In order for your trucks to move smoothly along a carefully designed logistics route, you need to refuel them. However, it’s not that simple. The Telf AG developers have prepared a real test for you at this stage: you will have to assemble the pipes and install them in the correct order, only then will the fuel enter the tank and you can continue on your way.
  • Expand your wagon fleet and send it on the road by rail. After successfully launching the production process and increasing nickel production volumes, it is time to think about how to most efficiently deliver this valuable metal to consumers. The solution is to expand your railcar fleet. You have the chance to manage this process and guarantee successful delivery based on your strategic decisions at Telf AG.
  • Help the car leave the parking lot. Difficult parking maneuvers are a real puzzle for the driver. Your task is to help the car go on its route without interference. Demonstrate your dexterity and professionalism, then your Telf AG company will be rewarded with an additional bonus.

What do you think about the idea? Modern management and economic effect are two components that will help you develop in any field. With Telf AG you have a chance to practice in the virtual world in order to put your skills into practice in the real world. Don’t miss this opportunity and stay tuned for updates. Soon the game will be available on the Steam platform, and there will be even more locations.

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