Installation of exterior lighting for commercial buildings: what you need to consider before you start.

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The length of the daylight hours invariably decreases with the onset of fall, and therefore the owners of commercial buildings begin to think about the need to effectively illuminate them. It is worth planning this solution in advance, with careful consideration of the lighting concept, which will reduce costs and make the lighting more attractive.

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In such a situation, not only the owner of the commercial buildings, but also their employees and visitors will feel safe. It is enough just to adhere to a list of simple rules.

There are several outdoor lighting installation options that allow you to optimize visibility and quickly pay off the investment.

What lighting devices should be used for the illumination of commercial buildings

There are several lighting options that are effective for the transition from summer to winter, when the nights get longer. All lighting fixtures of this type are highly water resistant and of exceptional quality, and the range of intensity and saturation of lighting in them can vary. With their help, it is possible to achieve a specific effect, exactly what is seen initially. Such products resist virtually any element and are able to beautifully illuminate a space for long periods of time.

LED Wall Lights

Such lighting devices are suitable not only for commercial, but also for security lighting where light is required for a long time, they are ideal as perimeter lighting, especially if you need to constantly control the dispersion of rays. If there is a residential building in the immediate vicinity, its inhabitants will thank you for this illumination. Models that are made of die-cast aluminum can withstand the most difficult conditions, regardless of the season. Where powerful and high-quality lighting is required because the neighborhood is disadvantaged or the building is located on the corner, where it is blown by the wind and accumulates dust and dirt, it is worth paying attention to those LED projectors that are mounted on the walls. They will serve for a long period of time without complaints.

How flood lighting works

Such a solution is more suitable for parking lots and sports fields. With the help of flood lighting you can make the object as safe as possible, it is used by building owners who value their property. With the help of such devices it is possible to highlight the location of a particular company, as potential visitors determine by the burning light that the building is still open or around it is always safe. This is achieved through the use of tall lamp posts and bright lights, they increase safety in any area.

Devices of this type were designed specifically to easily counter any threat, no matter where it comes from. The lanterns in this case are able to withstand moisture, dirt and other hazards, and they are used to ensure proper visibility to others.

Lighting “from dusk to dawn”, the principle of operation of which is based on a twilight relay

Not everyone uses this solution, but it is also indispensable in certain situations. With the help of a twilight relay, the device is turned on and off as needed. Such luminaries are considered to be the most adaptive and do not require readjustment. An additional advantage is the ability to save on electricity bills.

Almost all models of lights, working from dusk to dawn, are oriented for outdoor use, and therefore their design is characterized by precision and moisture resistance. They work effectively for many years, regardless of the time of year.

Mini-wall lights for the street


Such lighting devices have appeared on the market relatively recently. With their help, they provide effective and powerful illumination of large rooms or areas in close proximity to buildings. In order for the lighting scheme to be complete, it is enough to think through the narrow places without leaving them darkened. Such a technique is traditionally used for paths, entrance groups, porches. These areas should be clear and visible, which will ensure their safety.

Pendant luminaires for the street

Another solution suitable for commercial facilities and public infrastructure. They can be found in gas stations, bus depots, parking lots and others. This type of lantern is characterized by exceptional efficiency and impressive luminous flux. With its help it is possible to provide quality energy saving indicators.

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