How Home Safety Tech Can Save You Time and Money

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Technology has changed the way we live and work, bringing a new level of convenience and connectivity. New technologies have also changed the ways we learn, communicate, travel, and are entertained. It will continue to have far-reaching effects on all aspects of our lives. 

We’ll look at the latest home technology that every homeowner and home builder should be considering. If you want top dollar when selling your home, ways to save on home insurance, or simply ways to live your best life, this is the home tech list for you.

Technology is best integrated into new home construction, but any home can benefit from technology upgrades. If you’re planning to build a new home or buy new construction, plan for tech upgrades from the blueprint stage. Be sure your new project is covered with new-build home insurance

Technology for New Homes

New home building methods are becoming more innovative, with trends toward passive home design to reduce energy needs. A passive house is a super-insulated home with heat pump technology or a ventilation system managed with heat recovery ventilators (HRVs). HRVs pass warm stale air through the exit side of the ventilator and transfer the heat to fins on the intake side. 

Building a new home is usually the culmination of many years of planning and saving. If you have thought about building a home, you might start planning it now. While scrolling through Pinterest and thinking about home design plans, you might want to consider working on your credit score.

New homes can also take advantage of new technology in glass manufacturing. New glass technology is very energy efficient, changing according to outside conditions. The window and skylight technology provides maximum daylight to the building’s interior. It knows when to be clear, and when to darken, and significantly reduces artificial lighting needs, energy use, and cost.

This technology, as you can imagine, isn’t cheap. It’s actually pretty expensive but planned state and federal regulations, rebates, and tax incentives should help bring this important technology into the mainstream for new homes and retrofit it into existing homes. 

New Construction Technology

Electrochromic glass, combined with passive design and super-insulated buildings, is the future. Other innovations to consider in your new home include radiant flooring, a garage that has an electric vehicle charging system built in from the foundation, and technology to harvest power locally. 

There are several solar roof options, including at least five companies that make solar shingles. Offering a functional and protective roof, these options can require an entirely new roof structure, which is more easily integrated into new construction. It’s also easier to add specialized wall outlets, such as USB chargers during construction. 

Because electrical sources are becoming more decentralized due to alternative energy generation and storage, it is likely that home battery banks will become a common feature. This will provide important flexibility for homeowners and the grid as well.

Technology for Existing Homes

There are also many new technology options for existing homes on the market now. Solar panels are one of the most popular and can be installed onto many existing homes. Panels are best mounted at angles according to the home’s latitude, so roof orientation and slope angle must be carefully considered.

Keep in mind that photovoltaic panels will outlast asphalt shingles, which can add unnecessary complications to roof replacement. Metal roofs are preferred for the overlay of solar panels, as they last much longer and are easier to seal after panel installation.

The increased emphasis on teaching STEM subjects in schools is leading to a new generation of innovators who recognize the dangers to our homes and ourselves because of our changing climate. There are now some simple upgrades available for existing homes that can save you time, and money and improve your security and peace of mind. 

Simple Technology Upgrades

Available upgrades and improvements for homes include smart thermostats, programmable robot vacuum cleaners, and smart lighting and security measures. Adding technology to your home could start with smart lighting. To learn more about these innovations, check online or visit a local home or electronics store. 

Smart lighting can not only add energy savings and convenience to your home but also add a layer of security to your yard and surroundings. While adding security lighting, you will want to consider adding outdoor security cameras, a video doorbell system, and smart locks. 

These devices work with your home electrical and Wi-Fi systems and can be used with a personal assistant through such platforms as the Google or Alexa systems. 



Teresa Johnson writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, She follows trends in technology and innovation for residential design and climate science.

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