How to choose your next holiday destination

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So you’re sitting in your office, dreaming of sipping Mai Tais and curling your toes on some far-away sandy beach, right? How about a getaway with the wife to go snorkeling for pearls? You need a holiday and you can already feel it; but where to?

Choosing your next holiday destination can be a daunting task. There are still so many places to see on this giant blue globe that you’ve always wanted to see, and the last thing you want to do is be disappointed. And in this day and age flights are NOT getting cheaper, unless you get really lucky on some rare flight deal or you win a trip for two. Either way, the economy has really made things difficult. However, the destinations themselves aren’t as expensive as one might think. But let’s go over how you might choose your next holiday destination.

  1. Do your research. Duh, Shawn, I already knew that! Yes, I know but by this, I mean hit the forums. Be sure to check out as you’ll get first-hand accounts of what the place you research is like. When I did this for Naples, Italy, the majority of people said that it was dirty and not worth going to. However, the travelers who wrote detailed stories of how much they enjoyed going there and all the hidden gems it had to offer, decided to go. I was there and I fairly enjoyed myself, especially the side trip to Pompeii.
  2. Check out sites for deals on cheap holidays and destinations. On the beach can you help me find packages on flights and hotels they are quite decent. Use the “Deal Finder” for more information. Alternatively for US users, there are many other travel deal websites out there. Just Google it!
  3. Google Places is a not-so-well-known tool that can help you find reviews or ratings of places all around the world by fellow travelers.
  4. A nice way to get yourself going is just to search through the thousands of images available online via Flickr or Picasa for destination holidays or any other particular keyword that might interest you like “beach”, “snorkeling” or “rafting”.

So it’s not difficult to choose where you’re going and when you’ve found a good deal and compiled all the info that you need you’ll be ready to impress your friends and family! Now, go renew your passport and start planning for your next perfect holiday!

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