Indoor Versus Outdoor Scavenger Hunt- What Should You Choose

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Planning a scavenger hunt inclusive of all participants can be daunting. You need the best activities, trivia questions, and challenges, all tailored to cultivating team spirit and productive collaborations. Location is another important element to consider. Depending on your needs, you may choose an indoor or outdoor setting for your scavenger hunt. Here’s an overview of the differences between indoor and outdoor pursuits and when to choose either:

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Participants will also practice and learn essential skills like critical thinking and effective communication. You can organize indoor team-building games, office challenges, virtual scavenger events, treasure hunts, and riddles. You might also utilize scavenger apps to develop unique games and hunts for your teams.

Office indoor scavenger hunts are perfect if you don’t have enough time to organize an outdoor experience. You can schedule the activities within or around the office space. Common examples include desk hunts, duo hunts, and active hunts. Indoor pursuits seek to build relationships between corporate team members.

Advantages of Indoor Hunts

Indoor scavenger games and hunts have many advantages. They are easier to organize and don’t involve leaving the office space. Companies can use existing rooms and objects to organize everyday scavenger games, office desk hunts, and special office item scavenger hunts. Below are the main advantages of indoor games:

  • Simple Challenges: You can get everyone to participate in indoor scavenger games. The activities and challenges revolve around day-to-day events and items.
  • Many Ideas: You can develop various ideas for indoor scavenger games. Employees can also explore nearby stores and spaces.
  • Team Building: Like all forms of scavenging games, indoor hunts are effective in forging and building a team spirit at the workplace.
  • Cost-Effective: You don’t need to rent space/spend money on transport fares when the hunt is within or around the office spaces.
  • Daily Events: Indoor hunts are easy to organize! You can schedule daily activities and games and make scavenging and problem-solving part of the workplace culture.

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Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor scavenger games are the most common among corporate teams. Working with a reputable corporate team-building company is a helpful way to plan outdoor searches. The team can move through different outdoor locations gathering hints that lead everyone to a final destination.

Outdoor searches take employees out of their comfort zone and put them into new territories where they’ll encounter creative challenges. Employees have to rely on each other and act more efficiently to finish set tasks.

Advantages of Outdoor Hunts

Exploring spaces outside the office can give employees a necessary breather and introduces them to different situations. The experience is more engaging because of its unique setting, and employees are likely to be enthusiastic about going outside. Here are more benefits of organizing outdoor scavenger games and hunts:

  • Increased Responsibility: Outdoor hunts force employees to take on more responsibility because team members rely on them to navigate the new environment.
  • New Challenges: Employees will engage outside their comfort zones, which presents unique challenges and experiences, and calls for thinking outside the box.
  • Increased Engagement: Most employees are happy to step off their desks and explore outdoors, so you’ll likely get increased interest and engagement.
  • Customizable: You can customize the experience for specific goals and bring the team together to work towards the same overall mission.
  • More Options: Outdoor hunts offer more options in terms of locations, challenges, and other scavenging aspects.

Which Scavenger Hunt Should You Choose?

Indoor and outdoor scavenger games both have merits; neither is inherently better than the other! Companies seeking to build team spirit and bring employees together to solve different problems can organize indoor or outdoor events. Indoor hunts are easier to accomplish because the company uses what’s already available in the office. Outdoor searches also thrust employees into foreign environments, which can have increased benefits.

When planning team-building activities, a scavenger hunt is an obvious choice with many other benefits for corporate teams. Take advantage of events that allow employees time away from their desks and office spaces. The team can also meet at a final destination where all members get to interact and develop social and communication skills. Outdoor scavenger games will cost slightly more, so you should mix them up with indoor hunts or other activities.

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