10 Best Places to Visit During the Daytime in Goa

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It’s impossible to resist the intoxicating mixture of energy and excitement in Goa. A vibrant vibe created by some of Goa’s stunning beaches, bustling flea markets, thrilling water sports, gastronomic choices, and booming bars and restaurants.

It’s no surprise that the location attracts the younger generation like nowhere else. And there’s no excuse or occasion to visit India’s party capital. Just book a hotel, and come down to the land of partying, sun, and adventure.

So here’s a list of places you can go during the day to have a blast of a time and nerve-wracking fun:

1) Mobor Beach

Kneeboarding is a great sport if you enjoy the rush that comes with indulging in water-based adventures. And one of the prime locations for kneeboarding is South Goa’s Mobor Beach. You only need a kneeboard and some zeal to join in. Because even on a holiday, not everyone has the courage to engage in such activities.

2) Grande Island

The thrill seeker in you will be ecstatic to learn that Grande Island offers scuba diving- even if you can’t swim! The Island does have a unique appeal due to the lovely aquamarine Arabian Gulf embracing it from all sides. Rest assured that you’ll have an amazing experience under the guidance of professional instructors and safety equipment that complies with international standards.

3) Palolem Beach

One of the finest beaches to explore in South Goa is Palolem. The beach’s numerous water sports facilities further add to its appeal. Kayaking is one of several water-based activities available here and renting a kayak is pretty simple. So before you head out into the water, be sure to put a life jacket on!

4) Bogmalo Beach

Ever wished you could dive to the bottom of the vast blue sea, watch the schools of vibrant fish pass by and explore the stunning corals, or just imbibe the raw underwater beauty? Go snorkelling at Bogmalo Beach to witness all these attractions. One of the greatest beaches in Goa for observing marine life in all its beauty and majesty is Bogmalo.

5) Morjim Beach

Although Morjim is regarded as a calm and one of Goa’s less congested beaches, there is absolutely no logic to assume that you can’t enjoy some water-based activities. Any thrill-seeker
would love this sport as it combines windsurfing, skating, and paragliding. And you’ll always come back for more!

6) Calangute Beach

Imagine getting a quick rush of adrenaline and taking off into the air while being towed away by a speedboat. Calangute, the crown jewel of Goa’s coastline, is an up-and-coming locale with plenty to offer to everyone. And Parasailing is one of the major attractions at this beach if you’re seeking some adventure in the sea. The best part about this sport is that you can soak in the stunning views from up there which is nothing short of surreal.

7) Colva Beach

There are several attractions and water sports available in Colva, but jet skiing is what we recommend you should go for. It’s so exhilarating to ride around the Arabian Sea’s choppy waters in the sun. After a long day of jet skiing, you can just recline by the sea sipping a refreshing drink or enjoying a beachside party!

8) Candolim Beach

The idyllic scenery and enticing nightlife of Candolim are part of its enduring allure, but young people are also drawn to this location for other reasons. In Goa, this beach is a perfect place to dare yourself to do something crazy like wakeboarding. This top-notch thriller of a sport demands you to maintain your balance while gliding over the water on a single board. The experience is truly psychedelic!

9) The Flea Market at Anjuna Beach

Ever wanna shop till ya drop at one of the local markets during the day? Well, Anjuna Flea Market is one such place for shopaholics where you can haggle for your favourite stuff, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and home decor items at literally throw-away prices. And once you’re knocked out, you could either refuel at one of the many cafés that flank the beach or relax while listening to live music at nearby events.

10) Visit Daytime Casinos

Yes! You heard that right! You can definitely explore visiting Deltin Royale Casinos during the daytime which is probably a little odd because Goa’s casinos usually start in the evening. But since Deltin casinos are also open during the day and there’s a plethora of entertainment options to choose from. It’s definitely worth a shot! Why you may ask? Well, for starters they offer a great many packages during their daytime hours and these casinos are not just limited to gambling. You can enjoy fine gourmet meals, take in the high-paced music & energy, get down in the discotheque, savour your favourite drinks, and of course, try your luck at the games.


So when most people rightly consider Goa to be the nighttime party capital of India, it is unequivocally one of the hottest spots to have a gala time even during the day! And with the list of options we’ve given above, there’s no doubt that a lot can happen in Goa around the clock! It’s bustling with crowds of partygoers, who amp up the city’s energy, and the fact that there are enormous choices to absolutely lose yourself while having fun even when the sun’s up,– is something that’s just unique to Goa!

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