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Gun stores can expand their customer base through credit card processing services. It can also prevent account interruptions and chargebacks. Using credit card processing can also open the door to expanding into other product categories, such as adult merchandise and payday loans.


Gun merchants must follow specific steps in order to accept credit cards in their firearms business. Payroc can guide gun merchants through the entire process. In addition to offering a variety of payment processing options, Payroc also provides a merchant account designed specifically for gun retailers.

Gun stores can expand their customer base and avoid account interruptions by adding credit card processing to their business. This service also helps them expand beyond guns into other products such as adult merchandise and payday loans. By offering credit card processing, gun retailers can maximize the profits of their stores. This service can help gun retailers increase customer loyalty and avoid chargebacks.

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Easy Pay Direct

For businesses with an online presence, it is important to process payments securely and quickly. Although many businesses prefer to receive payments by credit card, ACH payment processing can help save both time and money. It also makes the payment process more secure because it screens for any potential threats, such as scammers. In addition, ACH payment processing can integrate with your bookkeeping software.

If you are considering using Easy Pay Direct for gun store credit card processing, you need to understand what you should expect from this service. First of all, Easy Pay Direct does not charge cancellation fees. Second, its rates are not transparent and are not based on a sliding scale. Lastly, you should be aware of the company’s social media accounts. While these may not be useful for determining whether or not Easy Pay Direct is right for your business, you can follow their blogs to learn more about their experiences.


Gun store credit card processing is necessary for firearms retailers, as the number of firearms sold in the U.S. has grown substantially in the last two decades. In 2000, there were 7.5 million gun sales. By 2020, gun sales are projected to reach 21.6 million. As gun sales increase, it is essential to find a gun store credit card processor with a flexible payment system. Additionally, you should seek a service provider that can accommodate different sales strategies, such as online gun auctions.

Gun store credit card processing is an important component of any successful firearms retailer’s payment system. This service helps businesses expand their customer base and reduce chargebacks and account interruptions. It also enables gun stores to expand into other areas, such as payday loans and adult merchandise. Choosing a gun store credit card processing service provider should consider your specific needs, and ensure the convenience of your customers.

Allied Payments

When choosing a merchant services provider, consider a provider that can integrate with your other business tools. This way, you’ll be able to streamline payments for your customers and reduce your processing fees. Bankcard offers an extensive list of integrations, which can help your business integrate with inventory management software and e-commerce platforms.

Allied Payments is a payment processing provider that offers a merchant account for firearms businesses. Gun store credit card processing allows firearms businesses to expand their customer base and avoid chargebacks and account interruptions. This payment processing solution also enables retailers to offer additional products and services, such as payday loans and adult merchandise.

Because the firearms industry is considered high-risk, many payment processors don’t want to work with it. However, there are specialized card processors that offer affordable rates for gun store credit card processing.


Payment processors have their own risks. Using a firearms merchant account is a high risk for a payment processor. Many states require gun stores to hold a federal license, and many payment processors are wary of firearms merchants.

A gun store credit card processing solution can be a great addition to your business. With credit card processing, you can accept payments on your website from customers in the comfort of their homes. You can even accept payments from mobile devices. In order to accept credit card payments, you should establish an account with a payment processing company.

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