Meet Zorana Barger, The Wife Of Hells Angel Sonny Barger On Tupac’s Last Birthday

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Zorana Barger’s Early Life

Zorana Barger is the widow of the Hells Angel Sonny Barger, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas in 1998.
She has written three books about her life with Sonny: “Sonny: My Life With The Godfather Of Gangster Rock” (2004), “I Am Zorana: A Memoir” (2007), and “My Heart Will Go On: A Tribute To Sonny Barger” (2011).

Zorana Barger was born in the Bronx, New York City on September 16, 1969, the daughter of a Yugoslavian mother and an American father. She met her future husband Sonny Barger while they were both attending East Los Angeles College (now California State University, East Bay). Sonny had just left prison after serving time for manslaughter and Zorana was a part-time student working at a local Mcdonald’s. They married in 1992 and have since had four children together.

Sonny and Zorana are big fans of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and have been members of the club since 1988. In 2012, Zorana was elected Vice President of the West Coast chapter of the Hells Angels. Sonny has also been involved in numerous criminal activities over the years, including membership in the Mongols Motorcycle Club and involvement in the Eighties LA gang war. In 1993, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a shootout with rival gangsters.

In 2013, Zorana published her memoir, entitled Bone Deep: My Life With The Hells Angels. The book details her life as the wife of one of America’s most notorious bikers.

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The Wedding

Zorana Barger, the wife of Hells Angel Sonny Barger, shared some fond memories about Tupac on his 47th birthday.

“It was really special,” she said. “Sonny and I were both so excited to be there. We were sitting in the front row and he got up to do a song and then came back to our seat and talked to us for a while.”

Barger described Tupac as a “gentleman” and said she misses him deeply.

Sonny Barger, the leader of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, died in a California prison in 2011 at the age of 89. Zorana Barger has been by his side ever since, chronicling their life together in a blog called “The Marriage.” She spoke with ABC News about Tupac’s 47th birthday and what it was like to be there.

When Tupac was scheduled to perform at an event in 1996, Sonny made the trip down from San Bernardino County to attend the show. Zorana recalls that he stayed backstage for hours after the performance talking with friends and fans.

What Happened During Tupac’s Last Birthday?

Zorana Barger, Sonny Barger’s wife, who has been with him since the early days of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, discusses what happened on Tupac’s last birthday.
Sonny says that although they didn’t get to spend much time together, they all agreed that it was a good day.
Tupac had just finished working on his new album and was looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.

Zorana Barger, the wife of Hells Angel Sonny Barger, shared her memories of Tupac’s last birthday. She revealed that they went to a strip club and then to a recording studio where they recorded an unreleased song. Zorana also said that she and Sonny were the only people who knew about the song.

Where is Zorana Today?

Zorana Barger has not spoken to her husband in over 30 years but keeps in touch with him through letters. Zorana attended the Tupac AME service on November 12th and was interviewed afterward by E! News.
Sonny and Zorana were married in 1969 and had two children together. Zorana was 16 years old at the time and Sonny was 25 years old. Their son, Chino, is also an outlaw motorcycle gang member and is currently serving a life sentence for murder. Zorana has always been very private about her relationship with Sonny but did share some insight into their unique bond in a recent interview with E! News. “We were never really apart,” she said of their marriage. “Even when he was locked up, he would write me letters.”
Zorana also revealed that she does not blame herself for Sonny’s incarceration and that she remains grateful for all the good times they shared together. “He’s the one who put me on this Earth,” she said. “I would have never met my kids without him.”

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