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magnifying glassAs part of the larger fields of building inspection and construction, the primary purpose of a home inspector is to ensure that building codes and ordinances, contract specifications, and zoning regulations are being followed and that the buildings are safe for people who will dwell or work in them as well as for the environment. Building inspectors also inspect sewer and water systems, bridges, dams, streets, and highways.

Home inspectors are hired by individuals who wish to purchase a new home but want to be assured of its structural elements. As a home inspector, you will check the foundation, roofing, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, electrical system, ventilation, and interior of a home. You will be relied on by the prospective buyers to help them ascertain whether or not the house is up to safety and durability standards. This has become a standard practice in the process of buying a home, so you will play a vital role.

Depending on the state in which you live, you may be required to be licensed or certified; this means you may need to pursue your education, gain experience, possess liability insurance, and pass an exam. Though many trains are on the job, home inspectors must learn record keeping, contract specifications, and building codes and regulations. You can learn all these by studying to earn your degree online; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with career training in home inspection will have the best career opportunities.

The BLS has predicted an 18 percent increase in employment for building and construction inspectors between 2006 and 2016. They have also predicted a rapid increase in jobs for home inspectors; those who become certified and have a high level of experience, education, and skill will have the greatest opportunities. The BLS shows that median salaries for inspectors were approximately $48,000 in 2007.

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Earning your online college degree in the field will help you to gain the necessary knowledge needed to have credibility.

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