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Video is a cornerstone of the digital marketing environment, used by over 90% of marketers as part of their entire marketing plan. Smart marketers have also focused on the popularity of videos by creating and releasing videos that appeal to their target audience.

Despite the impression that adorable kitten videos will always be a feature on the Internet, there are a number of factors that drive video production trends to change often. Therefore, you must be clear about your needs when searching for corporate video production services in Toronto.

Top Video Production Trends to Follow

A Live Video

Facebook Live offered users the chance to grow their fan base by utilizing live videos to reach a wider audience. The endeavor didn’t really take off the way Facebook had intended, despite the fact that certain innovators may have had some success, and marketers are wasting their time by using it to increase brand awareness.

That does not, however, mean that live videos are completely useless—quite the reverse, in fact.

New live-streaming services and well-known social media websites like Twitter and YouTube have increased the use of live video. Marketers are increasingly coming up with creative strategies to benefit from the emerging trend. You may talk about these requirements with corporate video production services in Toronto when you chat with them.

Buying Videos

Shoppable videos are an excellent method to improve the customer experience, something that both marketers and consumers are continuously striving to achieve. Shoppable clips are a terrific method to boost conversion rates mid-funnel and they also appeal to the convenience-oriented current consumer culture.

The concept is rather simple, similar to infomercials and home shopping networks, with the exception that they are shown online rather than on television. Shoppable films provide a link that viewers may pick to go directly to the manufacturer’s website on the website with the specific product already added while watching the corporate video production. These films highlight items and viewers may click on the links to find out more information about the products.


Vlogs are nothing new, but they have advanced beyond the amateur and are now used to showcase a wide range of themes, including cuisine, travel, engineering, beauty, and fashion, among many others. By providing viewers with a genuine face to connect with your company, vlogging promotes engagement while promoting your products.

To provide consistent, polished content, brands from a variety of sectors are already flocking to popular vlogging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Horizontal Video

Who would have thought that such a simple idea would become popular and the new standard for marketing videos? Viewers don’t need to tilt their phones to watch videos that are filmed vertically; they are just videos that are shot that way. Because background information and side scenes aren’t taking up important screen space, the experience is more immersive and the topic is prominently shown. Users anticipate seeing more variations in video dimensions when new video platforms are available in the future.

You May Look up Videos

There is a rationale for the increased prominence of videos in search results on well-known search engines like Google. They do this because they are aware that people would rather watch movies than read books. Because they are aware that videos increase conversions, marketers are also making sure that the films they publish are searchable by adding relevant keywords in both the title and description.

Video marketing will only grow and become more immersive, fascinating, and imaginative as long as technology continues developing new methods to offer enhanced experiences. Your corporate video production in Toronto must express the demands and stay on top of the latest trends.

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