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Vladimir Curiel – Actor and Father of Three

Vladimir Curiel is in the Dominican Republic and is now based in Los Angeles, California, USA. He also spent some time in Miami, Florida. He is a facility maintenance manager by profession. Vladimir Curiel has two kids with his wife, Vicky Curiel.

Full Real Name Vladimir Curiel.
Date of Birth 17 February 1965.
Age 57 years
Place of Birth Washington Heights, United States.
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Profession Media face, Internet personality, and Celebrity father.
Net worth USD 2-3 million (approx.).
Nationality American.
Religion Christianity.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius.
Education High School Graduate.
School/College Fort Lee High School.
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 9″.
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 68 kg.
Last Updated October 2022

Vicky Curiel is the CEO and founder of International Hub Records

Vicky Curiel is a well-known social media personality and entrepreneur. She is also the mother of the popular singer-songwriter DaniLeigh. Born in Washington Heights, New York, Vicky was raised by Dominican parents. In addition to owning and operating her own restaurant, she has also worked for several music record labels.

Vicky Curiel is an American entrepreneur, music producer, and songwriter. She is the CEO and founder of the Miami-based International Hub Records. She has also worked for Tambora’s Grill Cafe and Double Empire Record, LLC. She currently resides in Los Angeles but has lived in New York and Florida.

Vladimir Curiel is a facility maintenance manager

Vladimir Curiel is a facility maintenance manager in the United States. He has three children and married his wife, Vicky, in 1987. The couple lives in the city of Los Angeles. Vicky works as a CEO of an international records company and is a Christian. Vladimir and Vicky are also close to one another and share many similarities. Vicky is a businesswoman and Vladimir has a background in construction.

His parents are Dominican immigrants. His father was a modest business owner and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He is also bi-lingual and speaks Spanish and English fluently. In addition, he holds an EPA Renovator license from the National Econ Corporation. His net worth is between USD two to three million, and he enjoys a nice life with his family.

Vladimir Curiel is the father of three children. His sons, Brandon and Brianna, are both rap stars. He also has a daughter, DaniLeigh, who is a successful singer. Their mother, Vicky Curiel, encouraged their artistic abilities. In fact, DaniLeigh moved to Los Angeles when she was 16 years old and is a successful musician.

He is a celebrity dad

Vladimir Curiel is a well-known actor and a father of three. Vladimir and his wife Vicky have been married since 1987. He is of Dominican descent and is a devout Christian. He also attends a mosque on a regular basis with his wife. Vladimir is also a businessman. He is currently the director of services at an AKA firm. He was previously a Telecommunications supervisor at MTV Latin America and later worked at Microsoft.

Vladimir Curiel’s net worth is estimated at USD 2 million to 3 million. Vladimir Curiel is bi-lingual and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. He enjoys traveling and sports. His wife DaniLeigh Curiel is a Microsoft workplace expert.

Vladimir Curiel is a proud father of three children. His daughters, Brianna and DaniLeigh, are singers and part of the Bella Dose band.

He has two children with Vicky Curiel

Vladimir Curiel is a proud dad to his three children, Brandon, Brianna, and DaniLeigh. Brandon is a musician, and the other two are singers. They are all part of the band Bella Dose. Brianna is a member of the band and has had major success. DaniLeigh has also been an artist, writing songs and performing at various concerts.

Vladimir Curiel is a gifted individual. He had dated Vicky Curiel when they both lived in the same city, so the two tended to get together quite a bit. Eventually, they got married on August 27, 1987. Vicky is currently the CEO of the International Hub Records Company. Their marriage has been long-lasting, with both spouses enjoying their work and family life.

Vicky Curiel is an American by nationality, but her parents are Dominican. The couple has three children together, including Brandon. They also have two daughters, DaniLeigh and Brianna.

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