Hair Salons Offer Full Services

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The foundation is a great haircut. Whether you want traditional or something trendy, bring a picture of a hairstyle you like that is of the approximate length of your hair. Be reasonable: If you have curly short hair, no stylist is going to give you a Jennifer Anniston style. After cuts, the next popular offering is color. You might need regrowth or roots colored if you are going grey, or you might want a few streaks or highlights; a good hair stylist can do it all. Some hair salon stylists specialize in color, so ask. There are many techniques used from highlights to lowlights, to multifaceted tones, so the options are plentiful and stylists are experts at assessing and telling you what would look best.

Blowouts are big business now. With traditional blow dry, Brazilian blowouts (that are the “it” thing today), light blowouts, blowouts with hot irons, curling irons, and loop and wave blowouts, the choice is yours.

So many other services could be offered, it’ll just depend on the hair salon you frequent. These options could include eyebrow threading and facial threading. Hair extensions, hair feather extensions, deep conditioning, hair relaxing, Japanese hair straightening, and keratin smoothing therapy. Hair salons might also provide nail and pedicure amenities such as regular manicure, manicure-pedicure combo packages, new set, and fills services. Numerous hair salons offer full bridal and special occasion services including packages for hair, nails, and makeup for that special day.

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