6 Destinations That Are Perfect for the Foodie in You

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It’s no secret that great food and sampling local cuisine is a big motivator to many of us when we choose our holiday destinations and traveling foodies are insatiable. For them, to travel is to eat and eat well – everything else is secondary. More than ever before, foodie destinations are topping travelers’ bucket lists giving adventurers another reason to see the world.

Although many cities and villages specialize in certain kinds of foods, some places have actually gotten a boost on the travel circuit because of their top-notch culinary arts. Unfortunately, for such travelers, GoBookingNow is probably the last thing on their minds.

Whether it’s street food or fancy, fine dining, the world has so much to offer for travelers with extraordinary tastebuds – countries that are both exceptional travel and culinary worthy destinations. Food as a focus for any travel can be its own pleasurable experience, but when you combine it with a city or region within a country that delivers amazing gastronomic pleasures with incredible one-of-a-kind attractions, then visiting would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Adding culinary activities to your vacation itinerary is one of the best ways to experience the culture of the destination you’re in. So, if you love food and want to explore some really fantastic foodie destinations, we have got you covered! Check out the list of the best foodie destinations around the world!

  • Thailand

The country thrives from tourism: people from all around the world come to admire the ancient architecture as well as the pristine beaches. Luxurious affordable resorts will provide the most popular Thai dishes made of fresh seafood, rice, and of course coconut milk. Also, try the dishes in the local markets and streets – it is as authentic as it can get. Eating out itself can be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

  • India

Eliminating India from this list would be a shame. The country is so rich in culture and so diverse, that wherever you go, you’ll find something new – everything you eat is like an explosion of flavors in the mouth and a treat for the tastebuds! From Delhi’s Chhole-Bhature and Mumbai’s spicy Vada Pao to Jaipur’s Daal-Baati Churma and Gujarat’s Dhokla and Thepla – there’s something for everyone. You’ll definitely be missing out if you leave India out of your foodie list!

  • France

It is impossible not to appreciate French cuisine. From the fresh seafood in the North, posh restaurants in Paris to Mediterranean herbs-inspired cuisine in the South. And every meal can be celebrated with local wine, which provides a unique flavor of the region it is from. Wherever you travel in France, you won’t be disappointed: its rich culture, historic architecture and versatile cuisine can be found just about anywhere.

  • Spain

The country boasts probably the most versatile Mediterranean cuisine. From lavish seafood dishes to world-famous bacon delicacies, from Arab-inspired cuisine to the finest wines. Food is an inherent part of the versatile Spanish culture, which must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

  • Italy

Italian cuisine must be the number one in the world. Pasta, pizza, and ice cream. However, in Italy, everything will taste ten times better since Italians use an abundance of freshly picked ingredients, herbs, seasoning, olive oil, and the magic touch provided by the chefs, who have been inspired by the hundreds of years of tradition. Experience ‘La Dolce Vita’ in the wine country!

  • Mexico

Another place where foodies can indulge themselves in an inexhaustible feast of flavors, colors, spices, and music. Head out to vibrant Mexico City, which bursts with intense smells, tastes, and sounds. If you want to keep it low-key, go to a resort on the coast of California Sur and enjoy the food on the sandy beach, while watching a sunset.

Unfortunately, GoBookingNow is out of the question if you’re an out-and-out foodie traveler. However, it can still help you. If you want to scope out any of these cities before you go there, you can always try the GoBookingNow option and check out guided tours – which will also help you check out the culinary scene around!

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