Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Sikkim

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Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states in northeast India. This serene place is beautifully landlocked with natural beauty. There are a lot of activities which could be done in the state. These activities will give you mental peace and will remove all the tiredness of the day.

Apart from these activities, one could enjoy the eye-catching view of the Himalayan peaks and the snowfall. Sikkim is not the most accessible region in India and you will need passes to visit several parts but the experience is soothing and refreshing. Book your flight tickets to Sikkim through GoBookingNow and get the benefits of the best offers and deals.

Here are the top 5 attractions and places to visit in Sikkim

1. Gangtok

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is located at 5,500 feet above sea level. When the weather is clear, tourists could see Kanchenjunga’s third highest peak in the world. The city is very clean and refreshing, basically, every tourist stays in this beautiful city for 2 days to make further travel arrangements.

Gangtok has everything, serene views, gurgling water, and lush forest. For those who love the peace of nature, a holiday in this scenic city is enough to satisfy their travel lust.

2. Tsomgo Lake

While visiting Gangtok one must visit Tsomogo Lake located at a distance of only 38 km from the capital city. The lake is located at a height of 12,400 ft and is one of the highest lakes in India. You have to trek to reach the lake, the trail is filled with the Rocky Mountains. The lake remains frozen in the winter while in the summer one could feel a completely different magical charm in the surrounding. It is during this time that the lake reflects the view of alluring peaks nearby.

3. Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is around 3 hours east of Gangtok town and shares a border with China. It is a part of the historic ‘Silk route’ which was a major trade route in very early times. One must get prior permission to visit Nathu La, it is one of the highest motorable passes in the world located at a height of 4,310 m above sea level. The border consists of a barbed wire fence and you will get the thrill to see the Chinese soldiers on the other side.

4. Yuksom and Dzongri Trail

Sikkim is a paradise for trekkers. There are many amazing trekking trails out of which Dzongri and Goche La are the most sorted ones. Yuksom is an old historical town in West Sikkim. If you’re looking for solitude this could be a perfect place to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The trek begins from Yuksom to Dzongri Peak and goes all the way further to Goche La. This is a long trek and if you’re up for a challenge, this is one of the must-do adventures in Sikkim.

5. Lachung, Lachen and Yumthung valley

In North Sikkim, around 6 hours from Gangtok at 9000 ft is Yumthung Valley blessed with pristine scenes. It is a distant village in North Sikkim and is home to many nomadic tribes of Sikkim. One must these places to experience snowfall in Sikkim.

All these three places are beautiful and there are many places one could visit in the area. Yumthung valley is home to several rare, exotic, and wild species of flora and fauna. North Sikkim is a restricted part so you will need to get a pass to visit these areas.

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