What is Best Payment Processor For Adult Sites?

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eMerchant Authority

Traditional payment processors and banks don’t want to deal with adult sites and other high-risk businesses. This means that getting a merchant account can be a hassle. Luckily, there is a better solution than traditional merchant accounts: eMerchant Authority. Not only does this service provide an excellent payment gateway for adult sites, but it also offers many additional benefits, including chargeback prevention and mitigation services.

Payment processing for adult sites requires special precautions. For example, adult merchants need to have a chargeback prevention service to notify them when a buyer disputes a transaction. This service can help a merchant fight chargebacks, as well as provide the merchant with information on the best chance of winning the chargeback. Some adult merchants also implement 3D secure protocols, which shift the responsibility for card fraud to the card issuer and provide a layer of security to the card transaction.

Adult websites are notoriously difficult to obtain merchant accounts for, which is why many companies are choosing eMerchant Authority as their payment processor of choice. While most traditional payment processors avoid this industry due to its high-risk profile, this company specializes in the adult business and can process payments in three business days or less.

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If you want to accept payments for your adult site, PaymentCloud is a great choice. Their comprehensive suite of payment options includes credit cards, e-checks, and QR codes. They also offer countertop terminals and wireless options. Their credit card readers include technology from Verifone, Ingenico, Poynt, and Clover. They also offer the ability to reprogram existing POS credit card readers.

A major concern with PaymentCloud is the possibility of a two-year contract that locks users into a two-year agreement. The deal may require a termination fee if the customer wants out. One merchant has given a one-star review of PaymentCloud, complaining that a sales agent failed to disclose this information.

PaymentCloud has been in the business for several years and has never been accused of being a scam. Other credit card processing companies have been accused of charging unreasonable fees, but PaymentCloud has remained a trustworthy option. This payment processor also rates well for medium-risk businesses. Customers have largely been satisfied with PaymentCloud, though some would like to see more transparency in pricing, contract terms, and fees.

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eMerchant Broker

If you are running an adult-focused site, you may have difficulty processing payments with traditional merchant accounts. This is because many companies don’t want to offer merchant accounts to businesses in this industry. Therefore, you must find a payment processor that works with sites of this nature.

There are a few reasons why eMerchant Broker is best for the adult industry. First of all, it has a very good reputation for working with high-risk businesses. For example, it advertises low rates of 2.99% for high-risk merchants. These rates are higher than average, but the company excels at customer service and has a strong reputation for processing fees.

Second, the best payment processor for adult sites encrypts payment information, which keeps customers’ payment details safe. This helps to reduce chargebacks caused by stolen accounts. Moreover, different payment processors take different amounts of time to deposit money. Some take as little as two days, while others take up to five days.


The best payment processor for adult sites is one that encrypts payment information. This protects both customers and sites and reduces the likelihood of chargebacks due to stolen accounts. Payment processors take varying amounts of time to process transactions. Some take a few days, while others take five or more. If you want to accept payments quickly, Bankcard is a great choice, as its low prices make it one of the best payment processors for adult sites.

Chargebacks are an adult merchant’s bane. A high chargeback ratio can lead to a payment processor shutting down a merchant account. Whether you’re a traditional merchant or a new merchant, you’ll need to know about chargebacks and friendly fraud to avoid being turned down by a payment processor.

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