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There are a few things to keep in mind when establishing a direct marketing – continuity/subscription merchant account. One of the biggest is chargeback risk. If your customer experiences too many chargebacks, your merchant account may be terminated before the allotted ratio is reached.


To mitigate chargeback risk, continuity subscription merchants must choose a reputable merchant to process payments. This can help them keep more of the money they earn from sales, and they can avoid the added fees that a chargeback can cause. Moreover, many banks have strict limits on how many chargebacks a merchant can have.

Chargebacks can be a serious problem for direct marketing for continuity/subscription merchants. Not only are they time-consuming, but they can also be costly. When a chargeback occurs, the merchant must return the payment or pay the charge to the credit carrier. In some cases, the merchant is even barred from accepting credit cards.

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Customer service

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in providing excellent customer service to merchants that offer recurring billing plans. Zen Payments is one such company. Their goal is to treat subscription/continuity merchants with dignity and take away the payment processing headaches, so their customers can focus on growing their businesses and serving their customers.

Continuity/subscription merchants face a high chargeback rate because consumers are able to dispute their pay up to 180 days after receiving the product. This is especially problematic for subscription products, as customers can dispute the final installment of a six-month plan 180 days after it is purchased. This practice is known as “friendly fraud” and is often the cause of excessive chargeback rates.

Social media profiles

Many businesses are starting to realize the benefits of continuity subscription merchant accounts. These businesses generate consistent cash flow and enjoy high customer loyalty. However, because these businesses are high-risk, merchants with a poor reputation can have trouble obtaining a continuity subscription merchant account. This is due to the fact that these types of merchant accounts require a clean background and a high credit score. However, there are ways to avoid such problems and obtain a merchant account.

Many online platforms use automated algorithms to profile users. These algorithms classify individuals based on dozens of indicators that may be invisible to the human eye. This allows companies to target a specific audience and deliver advertisements to them that appeal to that audience’s preferences. However, this practice also poses a danger. Social media profiles can be easily cloned, so it is important to take precautions.


Fortunately, there are chargeback mitigation programs available for these merchants. These services not only notify merchants when new chargeback activity occurs but also work with them to resolve disputes with customers before they become chargebacks. They also help them avoid sketchy subscription models by ensuring customers are aware of their rights and how to cancel subscriptions.

One of the most common issues faced by businesses that offer recurring payment solutions is chargebacks. These charges can be time-consuming and costly for a merchant. Additionally, they can result in the provider freezing its assets. To combat this issue, it’s important to partner with a reputable merchant account provider.

Business model

One way to avoid chargebacks is to offer free trials. However, these free trials should be free of hidden charges and terms. There should also be no hidden shipping costs. By following these guidelines, a business can easily obtain a continuity subscription merchant account.

A continuity/subscription merchant account is the foundation of the business model of this type of merchant. Without a subscription merchant account, businesses can miss out on many opportunities for revenue. Unfortunately, acquiring a subscription merchant account is not an easy process. The risk of chargebacks is very real, and it is even higher for a subscription business.

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