Why do Indian students prefer to study abroad for higher education?

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Currently, studying abroad has become a trend among Indian students. And the number of students flying abroad for higher studies is increasing yearly. Also, recent research shows that this trend will continue to dominate the Indian education and job market in the upcoming years. Several socioeconomic pointers play a significant role in students choosing to study abroad over domestic institutes. Studying abroad expands your knowledge horizons and helps you gain a quality education. It exposes you to varied situations where you become independent and self-sufficient. You increase your knowledge about the world and people during your education years.  

The prospects of good careers and globalization have provided an opportunity for Indian students who dream of studying abroad. This combines scholarships, lower-cost education loans, and affordable tuition fees. And if you are also wondering whether you should study abroad, you must keep reading. Here, we will share some of the crucial reasons why most students in India love to study in international universities or colleges. 

  • Better chances of admission 

India is highly populated, with millions of students competing for limited seats in domestic institutes to enroll in their dream courses or program. The competition becomes fiercer when you want to enroll in a top-ranking university or institute in India. It is mainly because such institutes want to maintain supremacy and tighten selection standards by offering very few seats. Also, the number of seats is limited, and the population competing is huge, which makes many Indian students lose their dreams. Therefore, even academically excelling students struggle to secure seats in these institutes. 

Hence, people apply to international universities that provide more comprehensive options. It is less stressful as the possibilities are not restricted to regions or subjects, which also eases the competition. A better chance of admission is one of the primary reasons why Indian students choose to study abroad over domestic universities. 

  • Greater course options 

Another important reason Indian students prefer to study abroad is the variety of unconventional courses. In India, the subject options and adjoining career prospects with the same are fewer. Also, the number of unconventional courses is minimal. So, if you want to study within the country, you can choose related academic subjects, while vocational ones are less. 

Many universities develop courses and degrees annually, aligning with existing trends and the job market. This provides Indian students more opportunities to broaden their knowledge base by selecting subjects and courses of their choice. Also, some fewer Indian universities and colleges allow enrolment in cross-disciplinary. If you are a science graduate, you have fewer options to choose another domain in your post-graduation. For many years, courses have been revised, making them more flexible. But they still lack international standards. Thus, opting to study abroad becomes a lucrative opportunity.  

  • Immigration 

According to many surveys, more than 80% of Indian students who visit abroad for their higher studies use the opportunity to settle in a foreign country. Also, countries like the US, Canada, and Australia encourage international students to immigrate to the country by providing lucrative offers of high salaries, quality living, and even permanent citizenship in many cases. Students aim to study abroad, considering all the perks they will get in the future. 

  • Improved career scope 

Globalization has provided many opportunities to people and companies. People aim to work in multinational organizations with progressive job positions and guaranteed salary growth. In India, competition to work in multinational corporations are high due to a huge number of applicants and limited seats. Besides, many companies in different countries promote diversity to fulfill their commercial goals. These factors become an essential aspect that encourages many Indian students to study abroad.

  • Gain Inclusive perspective 

When Indians visit a foreign country for higher studies, they get more than a quality education. You interact with different people and learn to understand a culture entirely different from yours. It helps open your mind and recognize and understand different sociocultural perspectives. India is a diverse country with numerous spiritual and religious values. Since they are habituated to cultural mix, international adaptation is much easier. Gaining an inclusive perspective means understanding different mindsets and learning to work with them harmoniously, an essential quality to stand out in the job market. Another reason why many Indian students are choosing to study abroad and get an international degree is to widen their horizons of knowledge and gain a global perspective. 

  • Global working opportunity 

Suppose you are looking for a good work opportunity after your graduation. Then studying abroad is crucial for you as it provides many benefits, which include working with a diverse population and experiencing a different work culture. Today many international universities offer internship opportunities after or during graduation programs; some also offer permanent working opportunities for international students. Gaining international working opportunities also builds global acceptance and boosts your career. Hence, their motivation to study abroad is strengthened. 

  • Make global connections 

Making global connections is also an additional benefit that attracts many Indian students. Students who go abroad for their higher studies make personal and professional connections with people they come across. For instance, when you go to a different country for higher studies, you meet other students from different countries and make friends. You also interact with professors and seniors during your classes so that you can build healthy professional relationships with them. In many cases, you can get working opportunities or chances to collaborate on various projects that benefit your career. Making global connections can bring professional and personal benefits, and some connections you made during your stays in a foreign land, like friends and professors, can last lifelong. 

  • Research scope 

Research-based projects and career opportunities are vast and comprehensive in foreign lands. Also, governments spend huge amounts on research-based studies in different domains. This opportunity is limited in India as its government expenses are huge and modes to earn are less. Staying and studying in the country can limit chances to work on your dream research projects primarily due to a lack of institutional and material support. Moreover, most globally recognized, large-scale research institutes are located outside India. Also, countries like the US, UK, Australia, and China offer the scope to work in their research organizations. Thus, the student chooses to study abroad to reap the potential possibilities of working and participating in high-ranking research projects.

  • Become independent 

Indian students choose to study abroad for higher studies to become independent and gain more confidence in themselves. Students who go abroad for education stay alone, away from their families. 

Living in an unknown place and managing all your work alone is a great way to become independent and deal with the world and its various challenges. Becoming independent also helps you to succeed in your future professional life. Exploring yourself and the world around you considerably increases your confidence and makes you a better person. This aspect of your personality will help in your overall growth.

  • High salary 

A higher pay scale can be another reason why most Indian students fly outside India for higher education. Gaining a graduate degree from a prestigious international university can significantly impact your candidature. This further increases your chances of getting high pay in the job sector. Also, going abroad for higher studies opens the door to working in a foreign country with a better pay scale than they can get in their home country. Many experts say that Indian students who return after acquiring an international degree get the most high-pay job offers in their home country. 

  • Conclusion 

The rising demand for a global degree with multiple perks can allure anyone; this is no exception for Indian students. There are many benefits due to which students opt to study abroad. 

The value of an international degree in the Indian and global job market is inevitable in encouraging Indian students to pursue their higher study abroad. Many governmental and non-governmental incentives like student loans, scholarships, study, and work opportunities, and internships promote this trend and make Indian students optimistic about their career goals.  

And if you dream of pursuing your higher studies abroad, there is undoubtedly a bright future ahead. Also, getting an international debit card should be a priority while preparing for your dream of studying abroad. It will make your foreign payments smooth and safe.  

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