How To Know Original Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

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Palmer’s is a brand that is in the market for a century now. It’s an every household name and is used by generations within the family. Palmer’s brand is well known for its Cocoa butter formula. It’s the number one Cocoa butter brand in the US.

The brand is committed to using ingredients that are certified organic whenever it is possible. Hence whenever we use this product, we feel so good about it. Palmer’s has a range of products ranging from skin to hair. Since it is such a well-known brand, there are so many fake copies of the brand.

It becomes harder to recognize, which is original and which is fake. We, as consumers, lose faith in a brand that is striving to deliver good products every time.

Here we are going to discuss how to distinguish and recognize the original brand:


  1. Unbelievable discounts: Especially when we are buying products from the website. Many websites attract customers by giving unbelievable discounts on their favorite brands. So if you want to know if it is Original Palmer’s Cocoa butter product, check the authenticity of the website and check if it is even possible to get an 80% discount on the product. Then it is definitely fake.


  1. Check the brand logo: Since Palmers Cocoa butter, we have been using it for such a long time. Need to check the brand logo on the products and start recognizing the difference. The original product would have its trademark and logo. The product which is not original would have a spelling mistake or difference in the font and trademark logo. We need to be very vigilant in recognizing it, or we may end up using a product that may harm our skin and hair with cheap ingredients.


  1. After steps 1 and 2 also need to check where the brand is made. Fake products may be made in some other countries so always know the Original Palmer’s is made in the USA. If you buy a product and it is made elsewhere please do know that is not the original one.


  1. If in doubt if the product is original or not like if the logo is smudged or if the trademark you are not sure. Can take a picture of the product and check it online. I am sure we would be able to find the answer to it.


  1. Also, check the reviews of the customers, the most website has that, and you would be able to know if it is an original product or not. If some others had a bad experience definitely would get to know the reviews.


  1. If you have used Palmer’s Cocoa butter products, you would be able to distinguish by the smell itself. However, checking the rest of the things mentioned above should always be helpful.


  1. Can also buy the Original Palmer’s Cocoa butter product on the official website. Also can buy it from well-known stores where can rely upon would only be keeping the original products.


Palmer’s Hair products from the cocoa butter range are specially made to protect hair from heat damage that can cause breakage, split ends, and frizzy hair. They have a leave-in conditioner, styling nectar, length retention cream styler.

These products are sulfate, silicone, paraben-free, and all-natural ingredients that are so good for hair. In Palmer’s hair product range, they have newly launched 2 step hair masks which give you the effects of the hair spa we do at the salon.

This product deeply conditions the hair from dryness and over-processing. Then it also protects the cuticle from getting frizzy. This mask has Biotin and Quinoa protein that promotes hair growth. Sure your hair would love and would say goodbye to bad hair days.


Since we already know how to choose the original Palmer’s Cocoa butter products, I hope we will consciously choose the original one. So you can always use your favorite products if you follow the same method. Hope you all would give it a try with the new mask and Palmer’s hair products that actually care for hair with all-natural products.

Also, one would become a pro in recognizing and choosing Original Palmer’s hair products and also their skincare range.

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