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Your trip can be ruined by wearing the wrong clothes. Of course, everyone knows you won’t take a ski outfit to the summer beach cottage that you booked or slippers, sandals, and a summer dress to your winter sports destination. But how much have you actually thought about the clothes and fashion outfits you want to wear during your trip? The latest fashion will look great in your holiday pictures, but chances are you don’t want to wear them in the hot summer sun or during a trip in the snow. So what is the popular


For some people, proper footwear is the last thing they think about. Arguably, it should be the first. No fashion item can ruin your holiday as much as shoes that provide you with painful blisters and other sores at or even before the end of the day. Of course, those elegant high heels or wedges with delicate features are beautiful, but will they still be comfortable after visiting a city or doing some sightseeing? The best pair of shoes for some city sightseeing is a pair of trainers, flats ankle boots, or sturdy wedges that give you all the support you need to keep on your feet for hours. And don’t forget some soft socks.

Your travel outfit

When it comes to travel clothes, there is one we can recommend for your flight, boat trip, or train trip: layers! Especially during a flight, the weather at your travel destination can be completely different from the weather back home. You board the plane on a rainy, windy day and land in a sunny beach county with temperatures much higher than you are used to. Wear a vest, cardigan or some other jacket that you can put in your handbag when you arrive. Or put a jacket in your hand luggage so you won’t catch a cold when you get off the plane in a winter wonderland and have to endure the icy trip to the hotel, shivering with only a shirt or sweater to cover you.

Your holiday attire

During the holiday itself, it’s best to dress according to the weather. It your holiday destination is a summer beach resort, your luggage should include items such as summer dresses, tops, sleeveless shirts, skirts, shorts, and thin vests, but also a bathing suit, beach dress, sunglasses, and other beachwear and swimwear. For city trips, you need comfortable trousers, a sort, breathable shirt, jeans, a jacket, vest, sweater, or cardigan for chilly evenings. People in winter sports need an insulated jacket, warm sweater, windproof ski trousers, and warm base layers. And don’t forget to find a nice après ski outfit.

Your wardrobe doesn’t contain anything like these kinds of fashion items? Time for a shopping trip! Shops that can provide you with some appropriate holiday attire are clothing shops and retailers such as Boohoo Man, Butterfly Twists, and All Outdoor. Take a look at their assortment of jackets, vests, cardigans, shirts, and footwear to see if you can find some suitable winter gear or travel clothes. And of course, you can also add some local culture to your wardrobe by shopping for some local fashion at shops around your hotel.

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